4 samples of tea table for your guest room more beautiful

Choosing a tea table for the living room is one of the most time-consuming and frustrating tasks. If you are still wondering what to choose to fit in the living room area, the 4 options in the article below are worth considering.

1. Tea table glass

The first suggestion for your living room is the glass tea table. With small living rooms, glass tea tables are the right choice. Because this material is capable of creating a light effect, the living space becomes more spacious and gives you a sense of modernity and sophistication. Modern glass tea tables are made of tempered glass material that can withstand 3 times the mechanical impact of conventional glass. Particularly toughened glass is very safe for the user because when broken they do not create sharp corners such as glass.

2. Wooden tea table

Wood is the most familiar material in the interior of every home. Wood material gives a rustic but subtle feel for your living space. Tea table with this material will create a warm, close and friendly feeling for your living room. Pay attention to the main color and design style of your living room to choose the most suitable tea table. In many types of wood: oak wood, ironwood, oak, pine wood … are used to make more tea tables, you can choose for your living room space wood type with pocket money comedy. Mix with the rest. Today, many people are attracted by the modern beauty, the eye-catching variety of tea tables made of industrial wood.

3. Marble tea table

Marble is the material that is known for its outstanding features such as eye-catching, long life, easy to clean, waterproof, dust free. The only limitation of marble is not as varied as other materials. Marble materials are used in the manufacture of household items, especially the surface of the table, kitchen cabinets, … Marble tea table will bring sophistication and class for the living room of the family. your family. A marble table in the center of the living room will attract more attention.

4. Metal tea table

Metal material is now used in the manufacture of tea tables. With metal tables will bring a modern feel to your living room. If you want more eye-catching, you can color them. This will also increase the life of the tea table. You can also combine metal tea tables with wood tea tables or wood table legs to create harmony, balance to avoid the cold feeling caused by the nature of the metal material.

(According to Contemporist)

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