15 colors are recommended to apply for bedroom space

Bedroom space is always the most private place should be sure to be comfortable, and the decoration is also personal mark, representing the self of the owner of the room. Color is an important factor in shaping the style of the bedroom, while also providing relaxation and positive emotions to the person. Therefore, choosing the color of the bedroom is always a matter of priority when decorating this space. If you are still wondering what colors to choose for the bedroom, the article about 15 colors recommended by experts to use the bedroom space below the beautiful House will help you.

1. Gray for comfortable bedroom space

Neutral gray is a color gamut reserved for quiet lovers. Bedroom space with gray color is mainstream to bring comfortable feeling, comfort for the owner. You can skillfully combine some of the lightest furnishings around it to embellish the beauty of this shade of gray.

bedroom space

2. Color lavender for lovers of tenderness

Lavender with pastel purple looks gentle but in fact it has the ability to stimulate the spirit and wake up your sense. Like the fragile but luscious beauty of lavender, the lavender color is very popular with the dearly loved flowers in the decoration of bedroom space.

3. Plum color – charming color is difficult to resist

The combination of the two colors purple and gray has given birth to the color of the most attractive – plum color. The bedroom space is decorated with plum colors this is very beneficial to the spirit. Because the plum color is darker than the purple color, this bedroom property will give you a warm sensation, patting you to help sleep quickly and easily.

4. Silver brings subtle elegance to the bedroom

Silver color is close to the color of the water, gentle and clear should be pleasing many people in decorating the bedroom space. Silver brings luxury, sophistication to your desirable bedroom in a private space that is comfortable but still meets the requirements of beauty and elegance.

5. Sapphire color for the bedroom beauty to the hiccup

Blue Sapphire is the color of the gemstone, so this green color is the heart of many people in decorating living space, especially bedroom. According to the experts in the blue Sapphire has the effect of soothing the body so choosing this green space for bedroom turns this place into a true relaxation paradise. Moreover, the color of Sapphire is always beautiful, so it is very suitable for you to confirm your personal mark in your bedroom.

6. Strawberry Romance passionate

Strawberry candy color is quite popular in the decoration of bedroom space, because this is the color of romance and passion. However, the advice that experts have for you is not to apply this color scheme too much in the bedroom because it would be counterproductive. You should skillfully combine strawberry color with white or neutral color to soften the energy emitted by the strawberry color.

7. Indigo – neutral colors make many people fall in love

Indigo is loved by all people because of the courteous beauty that it brings to the bedroom space. The application of indigo color for the bedroom provides a pleasant light, moreover indigo is very easy to combine with other furniture.

8. Blue turquoise brings quiet sleep

Theo chia sẻ của các nhà khoa học, màu xanh ngọc là gam màu tác động đến dây thần kinh não bộ nhanh và tốt nhất vỗ về bạn vào giấc ngủ nhanh chóng. Gam màu này được khuyến khích với những ai khó ngủ, ngủ không sâu giấc. Nếu bạn là người trằn trọc rất lâu mới đi vào giấc ngủ thì không có lí do gì để bạn chối từ gam màu này cho không gian phòng ngủ của mình cả.

9. Màu hoa cà đem lại sự thanh thản tuyệt đối

Nhiều người mặc định màu hoa cà chỉ dành cho người trung niên và lớn tuổi, đó là sự nhầm lẫn tai hại. Màu sắc này phù hợp với hết thảy chúng ta bởi sự thanh thản tuyệt vời mà nó mang lại cho người sử dụng. Ứng dụng màu hoa cà vào không gian phòng ngủ là một quyết định chuẩn xác giúp nơi này trở thành nơi thư giãn đích thực cho bạn.

10. Màu gạch đỏ thổi bùng năng lượng

This refreshing color provides great energy and is most suitable for young people. However, it is because of the energy emitted by the red brick color that when applied to the bedroom space you need to be careful. The visual stimulation of this color is so intense that you should only use for a wall or a few decorative accessories in the bedroom is reached.

11. Green – perfect color for bedroom design

Green is known as the perfect color for bedroom design because of its excellent adaptability in styles from modern to traditional. The green color provides comfort and comfort to the bedroom should be encouraged application in this space decoration.

12. Yellow provides a warmer bedroom space than ever before

Exactly the yellow color is second in the list of colors appropriate to decorate the bedroom. The warm, warm feeling that this bright yellow bedroom offers is something anyone can feel. However, as with the red brick colors, experts recommend that you apply moderate yellow in the bedroom decor to create a relaxing, pleasant space for the hours of rest.

13. Caramel for the romantic nature of the bedroom

Caramel color is quite new but applied in decorating the bedroom. Caramel color brings natural beauty to this private space.

14. Orange turns bedroom space into a paradise

You are no stranger to the orange in the bedroom decor because quite a lot of people choose it as the dominant color scheme for private space. Orange with self-energy brings a warm and relaxing atmosphere to the user. With this color scheme your bedroom is exactly the paradise of rest.

15. Pink lotus flower feminine sweet

With beautiful, pink lotus flowers are not strange because this is the color of the sweet feminine for women. For that reason, in decorating bedroom space, many people choose this color to turn the bedroom into a true dream. A note for you when you want to apply the lotus pink lotus to the bedroom is to only mix it with white for best effect, neutral colors are not recommended in combination with color pink.

(According to Homedit)

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