9 models of beautiful balcony with the full of romantic

The form of balcony apartment perfect, bringing style and sophistication through modern design lines, is unique feature for the apartment.

Characteristics of these balconies:

  • Environmental friendliness
  • Visibility is beautiful and wide enough
  • Can turn into a great resort
  • Modern style, suitable for all apartment

Below is a summary of the most beautiful and modern apartment buildings:


The tilting table and chairs help with the climbing trusses make the balcony an ideal place for tea parties

mah-ban-cong-chung-cu-tuyet-hao-nho (2)

Balconies are luxurious “resorts” with sofas and pillows

mah-ban-cong-chung-cu-tuyet-hao-nho (3)

With the balcony is not too wide, the design of this kind of scenery is also not a bad idea

mah-ban-cong-chung-cu-tuyet-hao-nho (4)

Combine with trees to create a small garden on the balcony

mah-ban-cong-chung-cu-tuyet-hao-nho (5)

More stylized with hanging hammocks, creating new accents

mah-ban-cong-chung-cu-tuyet-hao-nho (8)

Using furniture made of sedge, bamboo, wood … bring space balcony bold East mah-ban-cong-chung-cu-tuyet-hao-nho (7)

Modern design in the house was expanded to the balcony

Or rustic with country materials but neoclassical mah-ban-cong-chung-cu-tuyet-hao-nho (9)

A small wooden house with a reclining chair can also give the balcony a different look

According to Homedit

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