4 beautiful interior design alter rooms

The altar is a sacred place in the house, so the design of the chapel should focus on the solemnity, in accordance with the cultural tradition of the nation. Homes can not be beautiful and complete without such sacred spaces. Here, Angcovat architecture would like to send you 4 beautiful churches  , promises certainly will help your house become more perfect.

4-mau-thiet-thiet ke ke-so-dep-mat-to-trong (1)

The church room with wood paneling uses simple, traditional motifs, but still exudes respect for the room. Orchids are placed on either side, the flower represents the noble purity is very appropriate placed in the church.

4-mahjong-tho-thiet ke-in-dep-mat-to-in (2)

The altar is located on the roof of the villa. This is the highest location of the house overlooking the spacious and airy surroundings. Therefore, booking a room at the attic is considered a good feng shui position, showing the respect and respect of children and grandchildren with ancestors.

4-mahjong-tho-thiet ke-in-dep-mat-to-in (3)

The altar is arranged neatly, the Buddha in the middle, the wall hanging two paintings with the topic of Buddhism. The two sides of the temple have pots and scrolls, bold expression of the traditional style of the church of Vietnam.

4-mau-thiet-thiet ke ke-so-dep-mat-to-trong (4)

The space of the altar is a combination of the altar with the reception or chat. The furniture is also carved to fit the interior space, next to the large windows to increase the convection of air and light for the room.

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