[Feng Shui bedroom] 14 things you should definitely remember

Trong phong thủy phòng ngủ, có khá nhiều điều cấm kỵ trong phòng ngủ mà bạn không thể bỏ qua. Nhà Đẹp Số xin liệt kê những điều cấm kỵ trong phòng ngủ mà bạn cần phải lưu ý.

1. Cửa phòng ngủ đối diện cửa nhà vệ sinh/ phòng tắm

Bố trí phòng ngủ kiểu này dễ gây ra các bệnh về xương khớp, cơ bắp và cũng khiến tiền bạc bị thất thoát. Nhà vệ sinh/ Phòng tắm là nơi ẩm ướt, thường lưu lại mùi khó chịu. Vì thế, bạn sẽ hấp thụ phải nguồn năng lượng tiêu cực.

feng shui 14 bedroom supreme

2. Giường ngủ đối diện cửa phòng

Trường hợp này sẽ ảnh hưởng xấu đến sức khỏe của nhiều bộ phận trên cơ thể. Tùy thuộc cánh cửa đối diện với từng phần cơ thể khi nằm ngủ trên giường sẽ có hậu quả khác nhau, cụ thể:

– Nếu cửa phòng đối diện với phần đầu sẽ gây ra bệnh đau đầu, đau nửa đầu.

– If the door facing the body causes stomach pain and diseases associated with abdominal cavity.

– If the door facing the leg will cause diseases related to the leg.

feng shui bedroom 2 dark things 2


3. Toilet Door / Bathroom opposite bed

This is worse than case 1 as the bedroom door opposite the bathroom / toilet door. It will cause severe headaches, which reduces concentration, reduces the ability to think for the owner of the room.

If the problem is not resolved for a long time, it can lead to cancer and many other illnesses. Therefore, you need to change the layout of furniture in the bedroom, especially the beddings as quickly as possible.

feng shui bedroom 3 dark things 3

4. Mirror facing the bed

Sleeping opposite the mirror will make you easily fall into a state of narcolepsy, deep sleep, hard to concentrate on everything.

Please see the illustration below to know the location should and should not arrange the mirror in the bedroom. If you really need / have a mirror, you should place the mirror on the bedside. At best, try not to mirror in the bedroom.

feng shui bedroom 14 dark things 4

5. Beams on the bed

Sleeping at the bottom of the bars always makes you feel pressured. It can cause insomnia, lack of sleep and headaches.

feng shui bedroom 5 dark things 5

6. Bed opposite the corner

This situation can cause dizziness, headaches and undetectable symptoms.

Solution:  In case a corner of the wall protrudes, or a sharp corner of furniture can not be moved “straight” into the bed, you try to soften the sharp corners and energy aggressive by covering the fabric outside.

feng shui 14 bedroom darkness 6

7. Bed under the stairs

The location of this bed is extremely bad, it will make people lying on bed dreaming nightmares and unlucky.

Solution:  The best and easiest way is to move your bed to a better location, instead of moving the stairs.

feng shui bedroom 14 dark things 7

8. The opposite side of the wall behind the toilet

This situation will make you suffer from chronic headaches, mental disorders and mind is difficult to focus.

Solution:  Move the bed to another location better in the room. However, you must keep in mind the feng shui notes with each specific location.

feng shui bedroom 14 dark things 8

9. The top of the wall opposite the altar

This is one of the darker places that you need to avoid.

Solution:  Move one of the two positions of the bed or altar to get rid of the bad effects on health.

(Take a closer look at the feng shui bedroom and how to clear the bedroom behind the altar  HERE )

feng shui bedroom 14 dark things 9

10. The bed head does not have a solid fulcrum

Some people prefer to twist the bed to create a romantic atmosphere or to avoid high beamed beams, but always remember that the headboard should be lean against a flat, solid wall. Otherwise, it will affect the quality of sleep.

feng shui bedroom 10 dark things 10

11. Set TV, sound system, telephone in front of the bed

Bedroom is a place to rest and revive energy for the new day. If you book a TV in your bedroom, you tend to watch the program for 1 – 2 hours until you feel sleepy. This will shorten your sleep hours and affect your next day’s energy. The longer you watch TV, the healthier and the worse.

Meanwhile, mobile phones still emit radiation even in standby. Therefore, you should not put your cell phone next to you when you sleep.

feng shui 14 bedroom supper 11

12. Install the air conditioner on the top of the bed

If the air conditioner is mounted on the bedside, cold air will blow directly on your body. Especially during sleep, pores tend to open slightly, so it is easy to suffer from colds, muscle stiffness and headaches.

feng shui 14 bedroom supreme

13. Beds are located above / below the stove or bathroom / toilet

If your bed is above or below the stove or bathroom / toilet, the function of the liver will be affected. Because this position increases the fire element.

In addition, the bathroom / toilet is the accumulation of countless bacteria, dirt … so it will cause a lot of health problems.

feng shui 14 bedroom supreme 13

14. Use decorative items on ceilings

Keeping the simplest ceiling can always be the perfect choice, not even better. Many years ago, people liked to decorate the ceiling with mirrors or some art details. However, it can cause sleep problems and in the long run can cause many health problems.

feng shui 14 bedroom supper 14

Beautiful House , hope the latest tips will help you improve the  feng shui bedroom  better!


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