9 important things to design beautiful kitchen and match with feng shui

The kitchen layout and layout play a very important role in the design of the kitchen. The place must be good to bring good food.

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When choosing a home, most people are concerned about the style, color, light, airiness of the living room, bedroom, … in the house. Meanwhile, a space is also quite important kitchen so you can not ignore the following 9:

        1. Location of the kitchen design

  1. The kitchen should be designed in a bad position to pressure the air of the eldest family. This allows the air to emit from the stove can be reconciled, creating a high efficiency in improving the feng shui of the house. In addition, you need to limit the kitchen construction in the North, Southwest and Northeast to create a mix of family.

    2. Suitable kitchen appliances “birth – carved”

    In the kitchen there will be two mutually agreeable items, fire from the stove and water from the faucet. Therefore, you need to pay attention to arrange these two items properly. Do not put them too close or opposite to avoid family discord.

    3. Balance the yin and yang

  2. If it is possible to balance the yin and yang it is beneficial for the homeowner to improve the feng shui of the kitchen. In particular, the design of a kitchen corner as a dining area will increase the oxygen for the kitchen. 9-In-Depth-Style-Beef-Depressing-Style (2)

  3.  4. Arrange furniture in the kitchen

    The rice cooker and microwave oven should be placed in the position that is most beneficial to the destiny of the homeowner. Also, do not put the gas stove in a small angle or northwest to avoid the pressure of the head of the oppressed. Also, do not put the stove in the direction of the door, near the faucet or refrigerator to create peace of mind for the host when cooking.

    5. Do not arrange kitchen adjacent to the toilet

  4.  This arrangement is detrimental to feng shui because the kitchen has a fire power while the toilet has hydro energy. Water and fire will be born in a similar way to harm, affect the energy of family members.
  5.  6. Do not leave the kitchen and door “direct”

    This makes the loss of fortune in the family by the wind from the entrance door can turn off the kitchen makes the financial disadvantage. So when designing kitchen, you need to pay attention to the direction of the kitchen, avoid the kitchen straight with the main door.

  6. 7. Do not expose sharp objects in the kitchen

  7. Do not hang sharp objects such as knives, scissors, forks, .. on the wall or where visible to avoid killing the gas affect the family members. Hanging onions, garlic, peppers … in the kitchen should also be limited because these are the type of gas absorption. 9-die-in-de-fit-style-beef-depressing-style (3)
  8. 8. Do not place the mirror in the kitchen

    Mirrors in the kitchen can cause the world called “natural fire”, causing homeowners to talk without a machine. So you need to limit this.

    9. Do not leave the refrigerator or rice cabinet empty

  9. Refrigerators and rice cabinets have the potential to generate fortune. Therefore, it is advisable to add plenty of rice and food to the refrigerator to bring good luck to your family.
  10.                                                                                                                                  synthetic

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