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10 Ways to Design Objects in Wonderland Gardens

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10 Ways to Design Objects in Wonderland Gardens
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A green garden, with creative objects will create a feeling of relaxation after hours of work and study stress. Here are 10 ways to design objects in a beautiful garden:

Straw turtle 

The pots have become boring for years. Make a difference with the combination of straw turtles and stone flowers. This is a very simple way, but it creates a space to enjoythiet-ke-do-vat (1)

Pot plant hips happy

You love the small pots but it will be boring when they are the same. Make a change with the cheerful and colorful hips, your garden will become more distinctive.thiet-ke-do-vat (2)

Face spray nozzle

Hidden faces hidden in cute animals create a lovely garden spacethiet-ke-do-vat (3)


Bring cute adorable objects into animated cartoons into your garden. The garden will remind you of the beautiful pictures of childhoodthiet-ke-do-vat (4)

Fairy door

Combining a door under the old tree and the long road will take you into the wonderland. Looks simple but needs a high aesthetic.thiet-ke-do-vat (5)

The house on high

Perhaps these houses usually only appear in animated films but you can completely design it on the garden door.thiet-ke-do-vat (6)

Cute little boys

Just link the normal stones back into a block. Then use eye color paint that you have designed more cute objects for the garden.thiet-ke-do-vat (7)


The combination of tea and saucer made fountain is unique wreaths decoratedthiet-ke-do-vat (8)

Take advantage of the flowers in the garden to form unique decorative wreaths around the fencethiet-ke-do-vat (9)

Cute animals

Adding cute animals from simple materials has contributed to creating a fairytale garden.thiet-ke-do-vat (10)

Take advantage of the idea and spend some time designing things to make your garden a “fairyland”.


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10 Ways to Design Objects in Wonderland Gardens
Đánh giá của bạn!

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