Paint the Tambour effect for the lively house

With the demand more and more demanding and high aesthetic requirements of the owner in the interior design, in addition to the use of interior color paint to lively decorative wall panels, wallpaper is also a solution. Perfect to make the room more fancy and luxurious with colorful designs.

However, if you do not want to use wallpaper but want to use paint, but still have the wallpaper, wallpaper effects, then paint the Tambour  is the perfect choice for you.

Established in 1936 with 7 factories, occupying 70% of the market in Israel, Tambour is a company specialized in producing all kinds of decorative (water-based) paints, industrial paints (oil base for steel, wood, paint epoxy, static electricity …), marine paints, construction chemicals and building materials and always reach the top position in the top of mind of consumers in Israel.

With more than 1,500 samples, Tambour paint will surely overwhelm you with what the product brings. Hope to be a solution to help you have space and personal identity to express your hobby.

Some types of Tambour effect paint reference:

– Sand painting sand desert Safari

Paint effect Tambour_Cat Desert Safari

– Crocodile Crocodile skin effect paint

Painted effect Crocodile Crocodile Tambour_da

– Paint effect Jute textiles

Paint effect Tambour_Weaving Jute

– Cashmere silk effect painting

Paint effect Tambour silk cashmere

– Concrete effect painting

Paint effect Tambour

– Fantasy effect painting

Paint effect Tambour_fantasy

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