Beautiful house decorated with flowers rustic pots

In each beautiful house can not be absent from the flower vases are plugged meticulously. The flower not only decorate living space beautiful but also contribute to the spirit of family members more cheerful, full of freshness. So what about delaying your work on flower pots from recycled glass bottles with the suggestions below?

Decorate the house more beautiful with just a few wool yarn, ribbons

Forget about the familiar flower pots full of boring, with just a few wool yarns, lace or ribbon to add as a highlight is that there are already beautiful flower pots for the beautiful house then.

nice house

With a piece of lace wrapped outside the glass jar, add a small rope knotted ribbon to complete the fresh flower arrangements to make the table more poetic.

Rounding the neck of a glass vase to create an accent or keep the vase intact is also a good suggestion to help decorate the beautiful house.

Bring your soul to a monotonous glass vase with a lovely bow as the quickest way to own a flower vase.

Or simply cut a heart from the paper and place it on the glass jar to decorate it with a beautiful flowerpot.

Spray the silver paint on the glass jar, tie the rope around the vase is right there flower pots super beautiful. You should choose more than one species of flowers to have more color to help make the house more radiant thanks to the fresh colors.

The regular rope around the glass vase is also a good way to learn when you want to have a beautiful flowerpot without spending too much time and money.

If you have the time and skill, you can spray paint on the surface of the glass vase and use the paintbrush to paint the pattern on it. It would be great if you could draw the flowers you plan to plant like this.

Paint the glass vase and attach the butterfly on the flowers to feel like you are lost in the dream garden.

Put jars of beautifully painted flowers on wooden trays and display them at a corner in your living space. Try to get fresh spirit.

The colored pebbles are filled with bottles, pillars to the neck of the vase to create a highlight is completed the flower pattern of this flower.

Instead of ribbons, you can tie them around a jar with a cloth to add charm.

(According to Shelterness)

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