Labeled with interior design villas inspired by natural materials

This endlessly inspired villa design from the nature promises to make anyone who is pampered, admired by living space that is both luxurious and modern yet equally warm, close to nature.


The trend of modern living space design but still close, friendly with nature are emerging in recent years. When living in urban environments lacking fresh air, the way to bring nature into the home becomes the trend of the times.

villa design (1)

Based on natural inspiration, colors such as gray, yellowish brown, green are indispensable in this beautiful villa design. Yellow and greenish brown are the colors of the trees and the gray scale represents the color of the stone. The color of the vast, immaculate nature of the interior contributes to the interior space of this mansion design friendly, warmth pleasant.

villa design (2)

All interior design of this villa are all colors associated with nature. The white striped rug is like a playful dot placed in the center of a luxurious living room – where the shades of yellow, gray, and green hold the dominant role for the region. eye.

villa design (5)

The staircase system of the villa design is highlighted by two shades of greyish green and extremely attractive. Inspired by the cave in the wild, the staircase system re-cave with one side is green moss, one side is too creative cliff.

Villa design (7)

Design of cottages (10)

The kitchen-dining space of this villa design with wooden furniture is laid out comfortably, separating where each functional area. Not too much interior space in this space only two cabinets, a brown, a very delicate white, luxury. Large table and chairs for parties up to 10 people. The most poetic space is the dining room overlooking the lush green garden outside the premises.

Design of cottages (16)

The room is dedicated to entertainment, entertainment, reading books are designed simple but delicate. The score room was filled with books on the storage shelves, a soft seat and a chessboard on the gray carpet in the middle of the room.

Design of houses (18)

Dream bedroom design with moderation in interior selection but still enough to bring a warm feeling, comfortable. The bedroom is spacious with the main color is gray, yellow brown, natural wood color for absolute relaxation. In the middle of the room is a soft bed with blankets, pillows, gray bed sheets, in addition to light gray carpets, gray curtains, gray walls for gentle touch. Wooden floor with strands of wood to draw eyes and design unique ceiling for the room more impressive than ever.

(Theo Plasterlina)

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