Close to the beautiful house in Phu Quoc

On the deserted land of Phu Quoc, there is a beautiful house of young couple with beautiful view and comfortable furniture inferior to the resorts in this paradise island resort. our country.

Design: Small House Studio

Architect: Nguyen Minh Duc

Couples: Alex (French nationality) and Van Ha (Hanoian) are the owners of this beautiful one level villa . They get married and live in the US but still want to have a home in the hometown so that spouses have a place to go for each short stay. The land of “blue eyes” is quite deserted right on the beach of Phu Quoc possesses beautiful views.

Mr. Alex has been working in many countries around the world, have the opportunity to rest in the luxury resort so that his request for the home is very high. He wants to design his house in the style of the interior of Paris – his hometown, a bit of Barbados – his country often visit when traveling and of course the soul of Vietnam – birthland Ha Ha, his wife.

One storey house in Phu Quoc (1)

Located on a quite unspoiled land overlooking the sea on Phu Quoc island, this beautiful one floor apartment is the perfect combination between the architectural beauty of the Parisian interior, Barbados architecture and the soul of the countryside. Vietnam flavor.

All work related to building design are homeowners and architects exchange works via mail but one storey villa in Phu Quoc still do rejoiced husband Alex. Villa is located on a large area of 170 m2 with the architectural style as the strict requirements of the host for the design team.

One story house in Phu Quoc (2)

The living area is spacious with the presence of luxurious blue furniture , the style exudes class as a true resort on the island of Phu Quoc.

One storey house in Phu Quoc (3)

Brick wall with white paint mixed with wood furniture to give the  room airy space, extremely warm.

One storey house in Phu Quoc (4)

This beautiful 1 storey house is designed in the style of mini resort with full facilities.

One storey house in Phu Quoc (5)

The kitchen of the family  are in the same space with the living room.

One storey house in Phu Quoc (6)

Luxury dining table set standards.

One storey house in Phu Quoc (7)

Kitchen furniture  scored by modern, comfortable

One story house in Phu Quoc (8)

The wide porch set the second dining table and lazy seat resting beautiful garden view to suck eyes with poetic sea.

The cost of building a beautiful one storey house in Phu Quoc is quite high due to the transportation of materials from the mainland plus the geological difficulties, the water network and the staff. However, the works are completely brand new from appearance to interior space. Large patios reflect the traditional architecture of Vietnam became the ideal relaxing place for the whole family. Dining tables are arranged so that the whole family can eat as much as you like.

One storey house in Phu Quoc (9)

Garden  front yard with grass green um, coconut tilted and especially the sea scene very romantic, peaceful.

One storey house in Phu Quoc (10)

The traditional style bedroom with wooden bed, blinds is no other inside the resort is fashionable bag. Not to mention the bedroom also possesses perfect vision.

One storey house in Phu Quoc (11)

Even so, rustic wood furniture makes this room sublime in the traditional architecture of our country.

One storey house in Phu Quoc (12)

Beautiful bathroom with sweeping views of the backyard.

(Photo: Aidan Dockery)

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