Beautiful 120m2 garden house with Western style for only 600 million

With 600 million to build beautiful 120m2 garden style with unique Western style is not too difficult. You can do the following based on the idea behind.
120-acre-park-style-hand-elephant-chi-chi-600-million-dong (1)
A beautiful garden house is located right in the heart of the city is a very wise choice.
120-acre-park-style-hand-elephant-chi-chi-600-million-dong (2)The house in a large area with many green trees with low roofs creates interesting folds compared to the common roofs.

mop-nha-dep-rong-120m2-style-hand-elephant-chi-chi-600-million-dong (3)A beautiful garden in the countryside with nature and the door is always open 120-square-meter car-style-hand-elephant-chi-600-million-dong (4)A common living space includes living room, kitchen, dining table, unique architecture and harmonious 120-square-meter car-style-hand-elephant-chi-600-million-dong (5)structure without complicated with Simple materials and architectural ingenuity of Toobs Studio architects have created the pattern

120-acre-park-style-600-acre-hand-elephant-600-million-dong (6)The living area is connected to the functional area without walls. 120-acre-park-style-hand-elephant-chi-chi-600-million-dong (7)The kitchen area is separated by the difference of the floor. 120-acre-park-style-hand-elephant-chi-chi-600-million-dong (8)Simple stairs create a thorough passage and ventilation. mau-nha-dep-rong-120m2-mang-phong-cach-tay-voi-gia-chi-600-trieu-dong (9)The cool roof with the eaves is pulled down, the owner will feel comfortable even though the weather is hot. mau-nha-dep-rong-120m2-mang-phong-cach-tay-voi-gia-chi-600-trieu-dong (10)Reasonable cost but create a beautiful garden and style in Europe.

mau-nha-dep-rong-120m2-mang-phong-cach-tay-voi-gia-chi-600-trieu-dong (11)

Cross section of the garden house

 (According to Dan Viet / ArchDaily)

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