Small but comfortable apartment with only 32m2

The apartment is beautiful and decorated in minimalist style and fully equipped with only 32m2.

A 32m2 apartment but meet all living needs. American architects were very creative in creating a versatile, small but not crowded room.

can-ho-dang-cap-of-elephants-32m2 (1)

The apartment consists of 3 areas: bedroom, living room, living room and dining room with thin furniture, light but very durable and delicate space to become airy. The living room is a combination of a dining room and a working room that offers a spacious and open space.
can-ho-dang-cap-of-elephants-32m2 (2)

White stove with many convenient storage drawers can-ho-dang-cap-of-elephants-32m2 (3)

A white sofa and flat screen TV in the living room are very impressive can-ho-dang-cap-of-elephants-32m2 (4)

A small desk close to the TV helps the owner masterfully take advantage of the TV, books and documents. can-ho-dang-cap-of-elephants-32m2 (5)Beautiful bedrooms are designed with wood panels create quiet and private space for the host.  can-ho-dang-cap-of-elephants-32m2 (6)Skillful in arranging clothes with a versatile cabinet in the bedroom can-ho-dang-cap-of-elephants-32m2 (7)A lovely kitchen space is arranged with the necessary items to help the owner comfortably store the belongings.

can-ho-dang-cap-of-elephants-32m2 (8)Simple and elegant bathroom . The bathroom is designed in the style “hidden” near the kitchen has created a new look. In addition, the door material also does not space becomes brighter.

According to Digsdigs

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