Interior design 3 bedroom apartment marked by the unexpected utility

The interior of the 3-bedroom apartment of 100 m2 in Saigon is scored by the unbelievable convenience of the bed can flexibly flexible at any time to the application of the sliding door design helps separate the rooms together. and remote controls.

The three-bedroom apartment is delivered after the construction of the raw part complete with walls, windows, doors are installed. However, in order for the apartment to become a dream living space, the owner has to ask architects Ta Vinh Phuc, Nguyen Tuan Phuong of P + P Design & Construction .

Design: P + P Design & Construction

Architect: Ta Vinh Phuc, Nguyen Tuan Phuong

Area: 100 m2

Location: Ho Chi Minh City

The original three-bedroom apartment, when handed over from the owner, has many baffles, making the space become narrow due to the large part. And yet, the kitchen space along the corridor looks very dark, dark. Based on the current status of the three-bedroom apartment, architects have come up with a solution for interior design based on three main elements: linking spaces together with flexible and secure function. modern design.

Apartment with 3 bedrooms 100 sqm in Saigon (1)

The living room area opens up to a spacious city view through a large glass window. Colorful pillows on the blue sofa for the living room, the apartment more youthful, fresh.

Three bedroom apartment in Saigon (2)

Living rooms, kitchen-dining are arranged interconnected. The neutral colors are used quite a lot in perfect combination with soft pastel colors, bringing young children to common living space attraction is hard to describe.

Apartment with 3 bedrooms, 100 sqm in Saigon (3)

The wall paintings, the storage shelf model of children’s toys lively features for the dining space of the family. The fancy cushions also contribute to the highlight of the dining room add unique.

Furnished 3 bedroom apartment in Saigon (4)

The minimalist kitchen space with white tones  is accented by kitchen cabinets with pastel pastel colors. 

Apartment with 3 bedrooms 100 sqm in Saigon (5)

The corridor of  the apartment from the living room to the kitchen includes many storage systems from the cabinet stand, hanging cabinets, high and low different.

Apartment with 3 bedrooms 100 sqm in Saigon (6)

The integrated bedroom design intelligently cleans the space for this 3 bedroom apartment.

Apartment with 3 bedrooms 100 sqm in Saigon (7)

The parent’s large bedroom is decorated with large landscape paintings on the bedside wall, colorful pillowcases with richly patterned geometric accents to make the room more lively. The bedroom balcony is separated from the interior by a large glass door frame.

Apartment with 3 bedrooms 100 sqm in Saigon (8)

The spacious bathroom space is separated from the large bedroom and the dressing room by a toughened glass frame

Apartment with 3 bedrooms 100 sq.m. in Saigon (9)

Baby bedroom furniture more colorful fun to create age appropriate. Integrated bed with desk and two beautiful blue and white wardrobe.

Apartment with 3 bedrooms 100 sqm in Saigon (10)

The flower baskets hanging outside the balcony for the owner space to relax the eye.

(Photo: P + P Design & Construction)

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