What is Bungalow?

Bungalow is a 17th-century Indian-style house built in a small, separate building, quite simple in terms of functionality but very maneuverable and quite comfortable. The house has a large veranda, depending on the number of people from 1 person, 2 people or a family, but the widest do not exceed 150 m2 .

What is a bungalow
What is a bungalow

A few years back, the concept of bungalow for small houses made of environmentally friendly materials is widely known to the public. But the true meaning of the bungalow and in the bungalow is not different, not everyone is thorough.

From the house for sailors from England, the bungalows have become a home for one generation families, earning a living wage. The house has only one floor, quite small and not as comfortable as the houses of other classes. Gradually, it is the originality of the bungalows that many countries have adopted this type of tourism, from North America, England then popular in Africa, Asia and in Vietnam. Male.

A bungalow on the seaA bungalow hovering over the sea

Only recently introduced into Vietnam in the past few years, but the vitality of this type of accommodation makes people surprised not amused. On the first day, the bungalow appears quite limited when only in the resort extremely developed to apply this type of accommodation to serve a section of travelers who prefer novelty and love to explore, experience.

Undoubtedly, the bungalow of India is the original model for us to learn. Although still based on that foundation, local designers have transformed from simple bungalows in terms of texture and functionality into beautifully furnished houses that are comfortable enough for travelers to take the opportunity. A new holiday experience.

At this type of stay is the explosive occasion when the movement of passionate community move increasingly show influence. The land has been the footprints of people passing through the areas are not known to the people exploring. Immediately there will be investors pouring capital into the construction of resorts with this kind of bungalow accommodation to timely serve the needs of tourists.

A bungalow in the woodsA nice bungalow in the woods

Bungalow is a type of single storey house built mainly of wood material. When imported into Vietnam, in addition to wood materials, rattan and bamboo materials are utilized thoroughly, contributing to bring rare features to these bungalows. Being close, friendly with the natural environment is one of the primary reasons why visitors “end up” the type of bungalow accommodation when it comes to accommodation.

Bungalow is built from wood

The bungalow is built from wood material mainly

And also because the main material of the bungalow is from wood, rattan and bamboo as well as the nature of the bungalow is separate, so the urban area is crowded people in our country is not suitable to develop the type. This image. Mostly in the coastal resorts new bungalows are eligible to focus on development. Da Nang, Nha Trang, Binh Thuan, Phu Quoc are famous provinces for tourism in the country where this type of bungalow accommodation is quite novel popular.

What is inside the bungalow?

Once you know what a bungalow is , beautiful house invites you to learn about the architecture and interior of the bungalow. If you’ve ever cheated on luxury resorts, hotels, motels or homestays, you’ll be amazed at how high quality bungalows are in no way worse than luxury hotels. Where are you? Of course, in addition to the bungalows have luxurious furnishings, there are still bungalows at affordable prices and extremely close to nature.

Expensive bungalows in luxury resorts

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The difference is that the bungalows today are better renovated, more comfortable and comfortable, especially the bungalow built on the resort. In Vietnam, it is not difficult to find resorts that exploit this model, especially in coastal cities and provinces.

Still loyal to the classic bungalow pattern with wood as the main material. When introduced into our country, the bungalow still keep the spirit of a single-storey house built entirely of wood. A little difference in the roof of the Vietnamese purebred picture brings typical images of the bungalow in our country. Even the expensive bungalows in the luxury resorts, the image of thatched bungalow is still close.

A bungalow inside a high-end resort

A bungalow inside a typical high-end resort

Bungalows in the resorts usually have a place to receive guests, a bedroom, a sauna, a place for furniture, etc. There will be bungalows for 1 person, 2 people and for the whole house, but the largest area of ​​a bungalow usually not. exceed 150m 2 . Bungalows at the resort are divided into separate areas so visitors have the most private time possible.

The higher the level, the interior of the bungalow will be more care. You will not be able to admire the view of the guest room with a luxury leather salon, splendid chandeliers or expensive natural wood items. Do not stop there, kingsize bed in the bedroom is pretty crazy island and breakfast is served at bed enough to make you excited? Besides facilities such as television, sound system, the bungalow in the high-end resort also owns sauna with sauna, trendy jacuzzi. Some bungalows also have impressive outdoor swimming pools for guests to enjoy the moments of true relaxation.

BBQ in the bungalowOutdoor swimming pool for comfortable soaking hours

Each bungalow in the high-end resorts will have 3-5 staff serving your needs. And the price to relax in the luxury bungalows on the resort luxury is quite expensive from a few dozen to a few thousand dollars but what you get completely worth the money you spend.

Ocean-facing bedroom in the bungalow

Excellent ocean-facing bedroom

Some resorts for travelers enjoy the bungalow experience in the luxury resorts: Vedana Lagoon Resort & Spa (Thua Thien Hue), Six Senses Ninh Van Bay (Khanh Hoa), Premier Village Phu Quoc Resort (Kien Giang) Ngoc Suong Resort (Khanh Hoa), …

Budget low priced bungalow

Besides the bungalow of the resort with high rates, there are still many places to exploit this unique new type of accommodation with the price that the service is excellent offline.

The area of ​​these bungalows is quite small and certainly luxurious luxury services will not be available but instead, visitors enjoy the closest natural time possible when around no more Modern, modern furniture. Diving into nature is a way for visitors to nourish the spirit of the trip to make the most sense.

This bungalow is close to nature

In these bungalows, the proximity to nature shelters modern life in the hustle and bustle of any visitor.

Although the prices are low but not so bungalow that visitors have to complain when they have all the necessary amenities: bed, kitchen, bath, … The image is still true bungalow with a floor. But these affordable bungalows can add a little bit of thatched roof, use bamboo as the wall, add bamboo bridge to the right country style for visitors to swoon forever. Some resorts such as Chez Beo Homestay (Ninh Binh) also have a hammock for visitors to drop amidst the immense lotus pond.

Bungalow is really a type of stay that has resonated several years ago in the passionate community move our country. Beautiful Number hope through this article you have more knowledge about this unique type, novelty.

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