? The apartment you are in is severely degraded …?

? Your house was built for years, the paint stains, the wall is waterproof …?

? Want to upgrade your whereabouts? Want to change Feng Shui and change the new look for the house?

Repairing and repairing services in Ho Chi Minh City of QTM will help you solve all these problems.

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Why you choose Home Repair Service from QTM Design & Construction

Quality Contractors: With many years experience in the profession with a team of skilled workers with prestige and responsibility in the work as reliable partners of QTM, confidence brings you absolute satisfaction.

Diverse: Diversified repair contractors such as Refurbishments, Water and Electricity Repairs, House Paint, Floors, Waterproofing, Leakproofing, Iron, Plaster, Aluminum Glass, etc.

Safe: The contractor ensures construction based on the safety of customers, does not cause any risk and limits all the inconvenience to the owner.

Fast, convenient: The professional contractor gives customers the most comprehensive, convenient service.

Savings: We are both an important partner of housing-related services, so we bring the lowest cost to our customers.

Quality: Commitment to the best quality, the contractor only charges when the customer is really satisfied.

Some images of renovation of QTM company:

Cải tạo nhà phố 5 tầng đẹp thấy mê tại Tân Bình

The front of the house “stripped” completely.

Cải tạo nhà phố 5 tầng đẹp thấy mê tại Tân Bình_view 4

The previous image shows that the work has flattened the exterior paint as well as the outdated old design. After renovating a modern, trendy town house with two basic black-and-white colors.

cải tạo nhà phố 5 tầng_hình 1

Living room is decorated with old décor with luxurious design, detail is very impressive impressed a lot.

cải tạo nhà phố 5 tầng_hình 2

Kitchen: The old kitchen with old-fashioned items is completely renovated with modern style and facilities

cải tạo nhà phố 5 tầng_hình 3

Bedroom: before renovation with color tone and design look very heavy

cải tạo nhà phố 5 tầng_hình 4

Bedrooms are renovated with modern style, courtesy, where the home of the couple.

cải tạo nhà phố 5 tầng_hình 5

Bathroom: luxurious and modern after renovation

cải tạo nhà phố 5 tầng_hình 6

Recreation room: Ceilings, wooden floors, curtains, and walls are completely renovated after renovation.

Cải tạo nhà phố 5 tầng đẹp thấy mê tại Tân Bình_view 22

The terrace has been transformed into a beautiful koi aquarium, making it an ideal place for the whole family to relax after a long day of work and study.

cải tạo nhà phố 5 tầng_hình 7

cải tạo nhà phố 5 tầng_hình 8

Need to renovate your home? QTM Design & Construction will help you to make a plan that perfectly meets your requirements.

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