Spot the space home remedies perfect defects west

Located in a neighborhood with many high buildings close to the western side, but the space of this townhouse has overcome all disadvantages. At the same time, the street house welcomes the morning sun from the back and the top of the building thanks to MD Studio’s architectural solutions.

Design: MD Studio
Area: 80 m2

Works townhouse with an area of 80 m2 (4mx20m) possesses many disadvantages: from the west facade heat to the besieged on all sides by other tall town houses. Being located in the crowded apartment block is also a drawback for architects of MD Studio to be concerned when accepting the design for the building.

As a result, a natural-weather street home was built on this unfavorable land.

Beautiful house 80 m2 west (1)

Situated in the bustling, bustling neighborhood with houses close together, this townhouse still proves its own charm from the outside.

Beautiful house 80 m2 west (2) Beautiful house 80 m2 west (3)

The white fence is similar to the whole facade, which makes the appearance of the townhouse even more charming.

The main white chancel from the external façade to the interior of the townhouse. This color is chosen because of the ability to create a spacious, sophisticated feeling for the space of the town house.

The architects and homeowners have paid great attention to the greening of the trees to cool the atmosphere inside the house. It can be seen from the rare yard in front of the house, trees are planted for shade at the same time pressing the overall house color add the main white side.

Deep inside, there are many corners arranged green. That is how architects bring natural breath into the street space as required by the owner.

Beautiful house 80 m2 west (4) Beautiful house 80 m2 west (5) Beautiful house 80 m2 west (6)

Kitchen-eating not only scored by the neat, neat but also satisfy the owner because space is always full of sun, wind.

With the design of the skylight in the kitchen-dining area, the cooking space becomes more attractive than ever. From a place that is often default to dark, bold food to a warm space, so light as this, it is worth the investment.

Beautiful house 80 m2 west (7)

Living room – where the whole family to watch TV, chatting is arranged on the floor and simple way of solving only the main furniture such as tables and chairs, TV shelves.

Common space on the floor of this house is very spacious, with large glass window frame to be so light, not suffocating. The gray-backed brick wall behind the TV shelf is the most impressive feature of the room.

Beautiful house 80 m2 west (8) Beautiful house 80 m2 west (9) Beautiful house 80 m2 west (10)

Bedroom graceful, serene tones of white. The door to the green corridor of trees was carefully meticulously, the light from the air system above.

Beautiful house 80 m2 west (11)

The hallway  of this townhouse is equally devoted to other functional areas with the upper skylights for the beautiful sunlight and the rising trees for a feeling of being in harmony with nature.

Beautiful 80sq.m street in the west (12)

Reading room is located at the end of the corridor on the floor. This corner is quite eye-catching with wooden bookshelves close to the ceiling with wooden furniture to facilitate the reading of the members.

(Photo: Quang Tran)

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