Although only 27 m2 but the beautiful house and corner in Go Vap still prove the magic is real

Owning to 9 corners and zigzag edge with the area of only 27 square meters but this beautiful house is enough to make anyone wondered in front of the uniqueness and comfort.

This beautiful townhouse design is a great example of whether you own a small plot of land, but you can build a home that meets both aesthetic and functional needs.
House information
Architect: NatureArch Studio
Location: Go Vap, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Design: Thien Le Tu
Area: 27m²

Located on the ground with many inconveniences in Go Vap District (HCMC) with the characteristics that make everyone confused when planning to build a home: sloping roofs, houses and monuments The shape of the house follows the shape of the land. However, this beautiful house with just 27 square meters has nine corners and zigzag but still enough to make people admire.

The façade of this house is truly impressive to the viewer when applied to the legendary black-and-white duo and perfectly interwoven between the glass wall and the brick wall.

Although only about 27 square meters of land is very tangled, but this beautiful house has an advantage on the bustling business street.

Homeowners have strict requirements for architects when designing this house. The problem posed to architects is how to address the requirements of a living space that can both help the host comfort, comfort and science in the layout. In addition, the owner also wants to take advantage of the expensive side of the entire 1st floor for rent.

24 m2 ground floor is used for construction with 3 m2 is for the garden as well as space for tenants. Meanwhile, the entire upper floor is quite small used to decorate private space for the owner.

At first the mezzanine floor of this house was used as an office for tenants, but the landlord decided to renovate this space into a full-functioning children’s bedroom. An eye-catching steel-framed reading and hanging straps are extremely sure for the relaxation period of the members.

Two black-and-white contrasts are applied almost entirely in this house. In the minimalist style, this choice of color pairs is absolutely the right thing to bring living space to the eyes, the modern, the personality as well as the rooms feel more spacious than the real area. .

The bedroom with two sides is a large window which provides the ventilation needed to limit the lack of space of the room as well as bring fresh air to the host. Silver curtains combine with blankets, blue bed sheets bring true privacy, true comfort.

Not to mention the unique point of this house is the cooking space is arranged on the top floor. The roof top slider L is used to display the dining area, relax the eye. A great idea, an optimal solution for space-constrained spaces.

The beautiful day the whole family can gather cozy on the rooftop area to make a fun barbecue. The design of the open glass ceiling can easily open and close the house to see the sky without sunshine.

Sitting on a romantic dinner at the corner of this terrace, nothing is equal.
A relaxing corner is beautifully decorated with tiny flower pots and beautiful wooden tables and chairs so that the members can enjoy the view of the street from here.
Although only 27 m2 but beautiful and angular house in Go Vap district view from the terrace

The scene from the top floor looking down the street is horizontal, the line is busy, rush. This is a true relaxation space that anyone living in a townhouse dream.

The wall design combined with the glass wall to help the street house bring modern beauty while retaining the unique individuality that still ensures privacy.

(Photo: Quang Tran)

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