Beautiful staircase to the New Classic

These form the beautiful staircase to the villa should be designed and built in a subtle way, to lemon and aristocratic. The villas are always the homeowners care aesthetic detail.

The staircase is not just for family use, it is also used for home decoration and an integral part. It is also one of the attractions that look around.

Shape, material, size, safety are always top priority with different styles. Be prepared to contemplate the top 10 stairs to the villa below are introduced from Nha Viet Please: mau-cau-thang-sang-lemon-cho-biet-thu-tu-viet-xinh (1)

Stairs of high-grade wood materials combined with sophisticated Western carpet. mau-cau-thang-sang-lemon-cho-biet-thu-tu-viet-xinh (2)

Stairs symmetrical to the villa for a large hall. mau-cau-thang-sang-lemon-cho-thuiet-thuan-viet-xinh (3)

The unique Indian style wood can not be missed. mau-cau-thang-sang-lemon-cho-biet-thu-tu-viet-xinh (4)

Decorative tiles, exquisite patterns along the delicate walls along the stairs, both modern style and classical style. mau-cau-thang-sang-lemon-cho-thuiet-thuat-viet-xinh (5)

Simple yet luxurious with gold-plated motifs. mau-cau-thang-sang-lemon-cho-thuiet-thuan-viet-xinh (6)

The color and design of the stairs are harmonious with the space of the villa. mau-cau-thang-sang-lemon-cho-thuiet-thuan-viet-xinh (7)

Stairs designed in the palace architecture of the queen, will impress the first sight. mau-cau-thang-sang-lemon-cho-thuiet-thuan-viet-xinh (8)

Staircase match the stage style, extremely unique and impressive. mau-cau-thang-sang-lemon-cho-thuiet-thuan-viet-xinh (9)

Placement stairs also help create impressive space. mau-cau-thang-sang-lemon-cho-thuiet-thuat-viet-xinh (10)

Marble material and many high-grade decorative items around the stairs have created an extremely space for space.

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