Beautiful staircase pattern applied in contemporary townhouses

Beautiful staircase in the town house is an integral part of architecture today. Stairs decide the space and add aesthetic value to the house.

Things to note for a beautiful staircase :

  • Do not design the stairs at the door of the toilet.
  • Do not design the stairs at the main door.
  • Stairs should not be directed to the kitchen.
  • Restrain the stairs right in front of the house.

Number of stairs should be carefully calculated from the distance of the lower floor to the upper floor. Here are the beautiful stairs in the popular house from Green House Vietnam: mau-cau-thang-nha-pho-dep-tu-nha-viet-xanh (1)

Stairs combined black and white and a little glass added to create a luxurious space. mau-cau-thang-nha-pho-dep-tu-nha-viet-xanh (2)

The combination of stone materials, stainless steel and wood have created unique stairs. mau-cau-thang-nha-pho-dep-tu-nha-viet-xanh (3)

A simple staircase with some natural potted plants creates fresh space for daily walkways. mau-cau-thang-nha-pho-dep-tu-nha-viet-xanh (4)

Architectural stairs bent to create more space for the care of ornamental plants. mau-cau-thang-nha-pho-dep-tu-nha-viet-xanh (5)

Stairs combine the extra walls very nicely. mau-cau-thang-nha-pho-dep-tu-nha-viet-xanh (6)

Staircase suitable for the space to aristocratic and noble. mau-cau-thang-nha-pho-dep-tu-nha-viet-xanh (7)

Stairs made of stainless steel are very unique. mau-cau-thang-nha-pho-dep-tu-nha-viet-xanh (8)

Made of wood that gives a unique space. mau-cau-thang-nha-pho-dep-tu-nha-viet-xanh (9)

The bend of the stairs both creates impressive impression and saves space. mau-cau-thang-nha-pho-dep-tu-nha-viet-xanh (10)

This is a staircase for homes that need space saving.

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