10 ways to mix red and white for more attractive living room

Two red and white colors are widely used in the decoration of modern living space. The combination of these two tones always brings a sense of fashion, to the hiccup. The living room is where the two colors are most often “covered”. Living space of the house as bright by the passionate red, fierce blended white gentle, gentle. Cleverly combining these two tones together, your living room will be even more prominent.

1. Choose a major interior item in red to impress the first hint of how to mix red and white for the living room. In the space filled with white from the walls, floor tiles to the bookshelf, the presence of the red lounge gown will make a perfect spot for the whole room.

2. Similarly, in a pure white room from a window curtain, a closet to a table, the presence of a red sofa in a position close to the window makes the living room space glow.

3. If the two rooms on the main color scheme are white, in this room, red takes the lead from the sofa set in the center to the walls. On the red background are two stylish red-edged red doors that bring a classy, ​​classy atmosphere to the room.

4. If you choose white as the main color, you can mix red in the same way. In the room, a white color from the sofa set, carpet to the lights hanging from the ceiling of the unique, just a few red window curtains are enough to make the living room more impressive.

5. For rooms that have a mix of colors, you can still mix the colors white and red in this way. Keep the original ivory color of the wall, choose two bright red cushioned chairs of the same size on the floor of the wood carpets with stripes striped black and white stripes, next to the red cabin full of prominent red . A neat white desk would be the perfect fill.

6. The white walls in the living room are dotted with colorful paintings. The sofas and red pillows floated in the middle of the space where white was the mainstay. The presence of the small tea table white color works to soothe the red color filled this space.

7. If you’re not interested in the hints, why not try creating two contrasting red walls for your living room? Add a white couch to the top of the room above the attractive red pillows. The living space of the house suddenly became full of charm just by clever combination of two colors red and white like.

8. Look at this design you see clearly red and white have fulfilled their mission of creating an atmosphere that is both refined and cozy. The white sofa, red curtains interact so well together, in addition to the wall paint with two white – red color intentionally makes the whole room impassable.

9. If you do not like to change the living room too much then you can refer to this hint. Just a red sofa on a red carpet with fancy white circular motifs. Add a few white pillows in the lounge chair brings a combination of good ideas between these two colors.

10. If the living room is next to the stairs, think about choosing a red sofa set that stands against the white wall. Add some simple but delicate furniture like glass tea table, wall paintings to make the living room more cozy.

(According to Architectureartdesigns)

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