Looking through 10 beautiful bedroom design ideas from asking for baby

Right before the baby was born many parents were busy designing their own little angel. The bedroom is different from the bedroom of the parents from the interior to the layout. 10 beautiful bedrooms in the article below will give parents more suggestions or cough to design colorful bedrooms and play space for children.

Nothing interesting by decorating private space for the little angels. Based on these suggestions, you probably will not be able to reproduce exactly the same as the bedrooms below but that does not mean you can not afford to create a great space for your baby.

1. The attraction of this bedroom is the eclectic style and the distribution of colorful colors full of fun everywhere. This room for boys or girls are suitable. A simple yet unique learning scene with a wooden A-frame table, a cushioned sofa with plenty of patchwork. In the right-hand corner are the stylishly designed storage drawers.

From this angle can see the room is very spacious space for play. The wooden stairs hang around the corner near the study corner for the baby to exercise after stressful school hours.

Innovative geographic learning with a perforated wooden panel to form a world map, or blackboards, whiteboards and cork boards for creative activities in the bedroom itself. myself.

Bed area is decorated with inspirational inspiration to create a child’s interest. The book is full of comic books, beautiful small pots placed on the steps, cute monkeys squeezed on the wooden bar are the items that help children go to sleep more.

2. Bedrooms with a smaller size in minimalist style but not boring at all. These pastel colors combine great inspiration for children. The space is full of fresh air with wide open windows, sweet pastel candy for baby to go to sleep quickly. The study corner simply has tables and chairs facing the light-windows.

The clear graphics inside this room is the cutest point. From the star-shaped lights attached to the clouds to the black mountains stand out on the white background of the drawers. The corner of the store with the little drawers that she probably all like.

The wardrobe is also decorated with a mountain view in the corner. Sleek bed with unique bed frame, impressive. Drapes and pillows are cute patterns. This space also has the appearance of stuffed animals – toys that any girl always love much.

The bedroom looks really stylish and modern

3. Mẫu phòng ngủ đẹp đầy lôi cuốn dành cho bé. Những món nội thất kiểu dáng đơn giản nhưng màu sắc rõ nét hơn căn phòng ngủ vừa rồi. Gam màu xanh lá mạ giúp tổng thể căn phòng linh hoạt hơn rất nhiều. Những đồ vật hình thú ngộ nghĩnh như bức tranh thỏ hay những bức tượng nhiều con vật khác nhau được bày trí trên kệ tủ vô cùng đáng yêu.

Nếu phía bức tường đối diện treo tranh thỏ thì bức tường bên này treo một bức tranh lạc đà với điệu bộ dễ thương. Chậu cây kiêm đồng hồ báo thức đặt trên bàn học mang đến nguồn cảm hứng sáng tạo dạt dào cho bé.

Giá sách hình chữ A ngộ nghĩnh là điểm nhấn cho căn phòng này. Những món đồ chơi, bức tượng hình thú được xếp gọn gàng, ngăn nắp trên ngăn tủ. Thêm những chiếc hộp lưu trữ đặt trên sàn cho bé có nơi đựng các món đồ chơi yêu thích mà không bày bừa ra khắp phòng.

A wardrobe with colored glass doors brings freshness to your bedroom

4. This is a beautiful bedroom dedicated to the little princess with a classic bed with curtains. Pink candy is the main color of this room. All the furniture is pink from the bed, the curtain, to the wall and the set of tables also pink notes. This fairy space is suitable for the princess of the age immersed in the ancient fairy tale.

You can change the bed of the princess by the lovely tree house to entice children to sleep quickly in the evening. Certainly sleeping in a tree house will be much more enjoyable.

A rugged mat with a chandelier is the highlight of the beautiful bedroom princess style, this radio.

The unique wall clock and a simple study corner are attached to the large glass window with curtain that gives endless creative inspiration. Just look at the scenery through the door frame is what is great.

The fancy bird lanterns in the corner of the attractive bedroom

5. This lovely bedroom is impressed by the backdrop of three color combinations: blue, pink, purple lavender and the same color on the pillow, bed sheets and carpet.

Each of the interior of the room is a lovely little cute baby conditions to develop their creativity. The multipurpose cabinet can be both a wardrobe, a storage place for toys or some effective book.

The baby shelves on the wall to the baby store lovely little. The study corner is a long wooden table with two chairs so that the baby can change from one corner to the other easily if bored.

6. Beautiful bedroom with fine geometric interior, such as interlaced triangle wallpaper, colorful plaid carpet, high-rise buildings.

Unique bed with ceiling lamp is designed in origami idea

7. Pastel candy colors make up the lovely bedroom for the baby with the house on the high fun with small items such as furniture, wooden horse, painting …

Nice interior designed with baby size. The bedroom space is so beautiful that she does not like love!

8. Bedroom for boys with gray walls and minimalist interior. Bed is a house on the tree brings the excitement to the baby when it’s time to sleep. The two sides of the bed provide a natural light source that does not light up the baby.

9. It’s a tree-house bed, but the bedroom is bold in color with white plaid stickers, mint green closet, dresses, skirts according to the drawing outside. The seat is made of soft and soft material placed in the middle of the room, the inside corner is a relaxing chair with comfortable cushion for baby.

10. Bedroom themed superheroes for boys with superhero icons such as Superman, Batman, Ironman … are everywhere.

A simple learning corner next to the window for natural light and spacious space for easy access to the lesson.

Room with two separate beds for two mischievous boys. Two beds of the same size but different in color, pillow patterns, bed sheets, in addition to the difference Batman, Superman on each bedside walls of these two boys .

Lego inspired wardrobe placed in the corner of the room with wall with sketched captain America talented. The sporty floor with the same volleyball ladder on the floor shows the passion of the two boys not only the superhero but also the technical volleyball and the top lego game.

(According to Home-designing)

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