The house is beautiful with only the garden on the terrace

Living in a big city you must be very familiar with the crowded land. But that does not mean you can not manage a beautiful dream home. By applying the narrow area to the garden on the small terrace , but you have the space to relax, escape the noise of the city.

Garden on the terrace 1

The house is much nicer though the terrace property is quite small but the owner is still skillfully managed garden with a lot of green eyes. The sinks, flowers are designed properly so there is plenty of space for relaxing sofa set.

garden on the terrace 2

For any small terrace you can still apply buckets, pots, foam boxes to grow flowers, vegetables for extra space green, turning this sky into a place to relax in the right meaning, contributes to the adornment. The beautiful radiant house full of vitality.

garden on the terrace 3

Large pots for bananas, fresh vegetables in the rooftop garden to provide clean food for the whole family is also a choice for many families living in narrow, crowded cities.

garden on the terrace 4

The plants planted in the basin must be secured when not growing too high. It is best to carefully choose the type of plant before putting it into the tub or pot. A few garden pots and cushioned chairs are available at the corner of the rooftop terrace for relaxation.

terrace garden 5

Take advantage of a small corner of the terrace, which has a narrow area to put the basin and pots in this way, you completely save space for this space and can put more tables and chairs to relax can put. Expose the clothes on here without fear of entanglement.

garden on the terrace 6

The terraces of the town house are much more beautiful when using the multi-compartment pan system to grow fresh flowers like this. This is the solution for the tight terrace when you still want to create a nice garden.

nice house

The jar of jarring trees gives the terrace of the impressive and strange street houses. Not only does it not disturb the eye, but this solution also makes this space much more spacious than the actual area.

garden on the terrace 8

Easy-to-plant shrubs are the kind of tree that many families live in in the cobbled streets that are favored by their fancy beauty. Add a seat that you already own at the corner of relaxation to enjoy the clouds of heaven.

garden on the terrace 9

What about the miniature aquatic scene on the terrace? If you do not have much time to care for the garden on the terrace, apply this great solution for fresh space. What is it like when the street house is beautiful meditation with this idea?


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