Design trend of outdoor Jacuzzi is back to “make the rain” in 2017

Summer is the most appropriate time for you to think of relaxing outdoors, especially in the jacuzzi area designed in your garden. Peace of mind because you can use the trees to shield, if your garden is a modest size, then it is not unharmed because the size of the jacuzzi is perfectly suited to both. very small spaces.

What’s great with the summer sunshine, you relax by the jacuzzi to do a series of activities such as reading, sunbathing, swimming, parties, … with relatives, right? Check out the latest Jacuzzi models that are becoming the outdoor design trend of 2017 for more hints on renovating your home garden into the ultimate relaxing spot!

1. Design of a million-dollar Jacuzzi with a great view of the scenery below is an ideal place to dip during the hot summer days.

2. Relaxing space becomes absolute privacy thanks to the stone wall built around the jacuzzi. Decorate with flowers and plants and you have a place to stay close to nature.

3. For the evenings, the temperature is low, and you want to soak up the water, the presence of the fireplace near the jacuzzi is the perfect solution.

4. If your home garden is adequate, learn and create an outdoor living space. The rugged jacuzzi is a large sofa set and two rattan chairs around a fire pit made of concrete that warms up the house during the sudden cold nights.

5. A classic, open-air retreat with a fireplace and an attractive red-hot jacuzzi.

6. Large basins that are tiled around are the protection of the fence for the owner of this design.

7. Outdoor space with a roof with the presence of fancy shapes and a small circular jacuzzi paved with colorful bricks outside to bring the perfect for the whole set. next.

8. A real wild boar when it is simply designed in the garden, the wood slices around the jacuzzi bring a rustic old feel.

9. Want a hotter Jacuzzi? You can apply the suggestion of building a red wooden cage around the same color Jacuzzi and impressive style while protecting your privacy when relaxing. Add some antique lamps in the corners, a pot of green trees to create a space to relax the meaning.

10. If you are a bohemian, an open-air jacuzzi design would be for you. Think about the wooden bridge over the jacuzzi and the glass rails of creative, unique as this design to create a perfect spot for your family’s relaxation space.

11. You can design a few wooden stairs for a noble style jacuzzi like this. Put two lanterns on the sides to the atmosphere of the night resort to add shimmering, magical.

12. The more art, you can decorate the blue light inside the jacuzzi to create this attractive water color. Add the murmuring waterfalls through the stones to the jacuzzi and a fire pit warming up at night temperatures is perfect for your family’s relaxation space.

13. White squares white baskets decorated with small pebbles on wooden floors are exactly the perfect suggestion for you when you want to own a place to relax outdoors is simple but no less delicate.

(According to Digsdigs)

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