Your bedroom will become extremely attractive with the idea of using recycled wood

Interior decoration modern bedroom can not lack the presence of wood rustic but no less luxurious and delicate. In the last few years, recycled wood has become increasingly popular among families for its cost savings, ease of installation and ease of installation, without having to spend too much time and effort renovating the entire room. .

Recycled wood is not as sophisticated as other wood furniture, but for that reason recycled wood has won the hearts of many modern families. The rustic, rugged nature of recycled wood makes for a personalized space and warmth for your bedroom. Recycled wood not only removes the look of your bedroom but also improves your mood when you are relaxed in a rustic space that is too subtle.

Modern cozy

Modern bedroom design with bed head inserts deep inside the wood wall adds depth to the bed. The color of the wood is not so beautiful, but it is the texture that makes the room more impressive. The unique feature of this bedroom is the two bedside shelves that can be pulled out, pushed like ordinary drawers rather than fixed bed shelves.

The recycled wooden bars become the walls of the pattern, this color is eye-catching

The prominence of recycled wood walls that you should refill the furniture has contrasting colors make the room look confusing. Choose furniture that comes in white, black, gray, and not necessarily dense furniture in the bedroom, just a few simple pieces needed to be able to harmonize with the recycled wood wall.

Recycled or used as a bedside wall

The arrangement of recycled wood like fish bone like this is pretty nice too

The neutral color of the recycled wood wall coincides with the main white color of the room

It does not have to be a recycled wooden wall, and sometimes a re-usable wooden bedside table can be used to make the bedroom even more luxurious.

You can hang a medium sized picture on a recycled wooden wall in the bedroom like this to create a focal point


Design trends bring nature into the bedroom became prominent in recent years. Choosing recycled wood as a bedroom wall is exactly the way to bring nature into your living space perfectly. Placed between furniture made of different materials with radiant shades that look as opposed to rough, shabby recycled wood. But it is the indentations, not the smudges of old recycled wood will become prominent in the surrounding space is the interior of cement, stone, glass other. Although the interior of your bedroom is full of modern feel, but with the presence of recycled wooden walls will make your bedroom become rustic strange.

The rustic style and shabby chic style combine perfectly in this design bedroom

A recycled wooden wall with a randomly arranged array of colors shines in the ocean for this room

Rustic style in the bedroom with the presence of rustic wooden walls rustic

Only the bedroom can use recycled wood, even other parts such as the attic, windows can still apply this material to bring the unique, charming for your room. . When you want to change the look of your bedroom you can use this recycled wood in wall, attic, and window settings to give you a rustic, classic feel for your resting space and home. .

Bedroom at the attic? You can use recycled wood to turn the attic into a natural breathing space like this

Renovated wood panel in dynamic cabin style

The rustic-style bedroom with recycled wooden walls surrounds the doorway and offers romantic views

Recycled wood and metal provide warmth for this rustic-style room

The recycled wood paneling with white wood combines perfectly with the bolder bedroom to add a rustic style to this space.

Varied styles

Recycled wood is so unobtrusive that you can mix it with other furniture, whatever the style or theme, recycling can still be “weighed” out.

Flexible combination of recycled wood for bedrooms from rustic, bohemian style to shabby chic, from farm style to industrial style to marine … From minimalist to sophisticated, you can be skillful. Applying recycled wood to the bedroom turns them into the perfect spot for your resting space.

The modest wood paneling of the area is enough to make the perfect farmhouse style

The iron bed combined with the wooden wall gives the impression, the coolant is suitable for the bedroom of the boys

The small wooden window above the bed headboard is a great resonator for the room that adds tradition to modern interiors.

Chevron paintings on recycled wood walls give the impression of a bedroom

Renovating the bedroom with recycled wood is the optimal solution that brings beauty to rustic, natural and cost saving for you.

Recycled wood walls provide a cozy home for the bedroom, the attic bathroom

Many small recycled logs are tied together to form a very unique, eye-catching wall

Recycled wood is ubiquitous in the bedroom of a modern luxury penthouse

(Theo Decoist)

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