Own beautiful French country style bedroom only with 10 notes

Beautiful standard French country style room with luxurious luxury is the dream of many people. It is not too difficult to own a private space with this style. Only with 10 small notes in the article below can you create a perfect French country style bedroom. Even when your bedroom is in a different style, these suggestions are still useful in bringing the luxury of French country style into your private space.

nice bedroom

1. Start from the ground floor of the room, a classic floral carpet with plenty of neutral colors is the perfect choice for the beautiful French country bedroom floor.

2. Bed is the first furniture you should consider when building the bedroom whether excess or narrow area. A beautiful French country style bedroom requires a large bedside table with some soft back pillows.

3. Some items from linen or silk are very popular with the beautiful French country style bedrooms. If your bedroom space still has room for bed or wardrobe furniture, do not hesitate to purchase some items from linen, silk such as fabric chairs, benches. , For the room up to the French luxury style characteristic of this country.

4. Rèm cửa, drap trải giường ngủ từ chất liệu vải lanh là những món vật dụng không thể thiếu trong phòng ngủ đẹp theo phong cách đồng quê Pháp. So với phòng ngủ đi theo phong cách khác thì rèm cửa, drap trải giường của các phòng ngủ theo đuổi phong cách đồng quê Pháp luôn chạm đến sàn nhà thế này mới đúng điệu.

5. Nếu phòng ngủ dư dả một góc nhỏ thôi thì bạn đừng bỏ qua việc tận dụng khoảng trống đó để đặt vào chiếc ghế thư giãn có lót đệm êm ái bọc bằng vải lanh hay vải cát màu sắc. Nằm biếng lười trên chiếc ghế này đọc sách, sưởi nắng là điều khiến bạn không thể cưỡng lại được khi đến với những mẫu phòng ngủ đẹp đi theo phong cách đồng quê Pháp.

6. You will not be hard pressed to find the wood that is bleached in the beautiful standard French country style bedroom. You can bleach a few items from wood or floor, bedroom ceiling to the French countryside style.

7. Vintage furniture makes bedroom space bolder French country than ever.

8. Linen fabric is indispensable material in any beautiful bedroom standard French country style. Pillows with linen pillows for your back comfort, as well as footrests are also present in the bed of the room to pursue this style.

9. Beautiful French country style furniture that favors metal objects hanging over the walls. From gold-framed mirrors to large-scale bronze artwork for bedroom walls exude the elegance that characterizes this style.

10. Sparkling chandeliers are the last in the list of indispensable bedrooms in pursuit of French country style luxury peaceful. To own this dense private space, a simple or sophisticated chandelier design, long or short is required.

(According to Homedit)

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