Nice bedside models for modest bedrooms

In every modern bedroom there is a familiar silhouette of the bedside cabinets. Not only the bedroom decor but these bedside cabinets are also used as alarm clock, some books, glasses, telephone, … convenient for you when needed. As a result, bedside cabinets are increasingly becoming a must-have item in every bedroom.

But with the bedroom area “pepper”, putting a bedside cabinet is almost a puzzle. Modest bedroom, then you have to restrain the interior to create space for space. A normal sized bedside table would be hard to find in a small bedroom, but the nice bedside tables in the article below will help you solve this confusing problem.

A creative bedside shelf that is easy to carry does not take up too much space. You can hand-make this lovely shelf and place a small glass vase on top of it for extra green space.

Or you could put a small wooden table with a bed to place the pots, glasses, books

Stackable storage boxes are also a good idea for those who want a bedside cabinet, but the bedroom has a modest size

The minimalist, minimalist style of the room perfectly replaces the position of the bedside cabinet

A two-story wooden dome for a few books, an alarm clock and a night light suitable for small bedrooms.

This creative idea will help you get the bed storage table up to 7-8 floors, spoiled that put a little bit pretty baby items

A wall mount enough to put your phone, control the air conditioner, control the TV

Small bedroom is why you do not design a bedside cradle that has storage features and can install some cute light bulb below like this?

The unique shelf is made of solid wood material that is suitable for the bedroom space, giving a warm feeling to the room. Not to mention that you can put a night light on the top of the shelf, underneath a few books and pots, very beautiful!

Old drawers can be used to make this cute bedside table. Paint the drawer and attach it to the bedside so you have a bedside table that does not touch

The shelves are attached to this bed but small enough to store what is needed for the owner of the room

Bringing nature to this bedroom is a great idea

Wooden storage box does not take up a lot of space but it helps you put a lot of stuff or cough

Corner bedroom is fully exploited to make a unique bedside table

Small bedroom to some you still have room to make a shelf like this

Three-storey stand in the corner is indispensable in the bedroom modest in this area

(According to Homesthetics)

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