8 feng shui should be avoided in the design of the bedroom to have durable happiness

Make the best feng shui in the bedroom design for long lasting happiness. Here are 8 things to avoid:

The bedroom and living room doors are not facing each other

The living room is home to many different things as well as many people. So, there will be gas fields that will invade the bedroom if placed opposite. In addition, the living room is where there are always many people. Placing so well does not feel comfortable asleep.

Do not design the bedroom opposite the kitchen

The kitchen is a place full of gas, mixed smell. Leaving the kitchen door opposite will reduce the disturbance of prosperity in the bedroom. Bedrooms are usually placed in a good location so they are not allowed to be disturbed by other schools.

Do not put opposite the restroom

This will avoid the bad schools from entering the bedroom. 8-thief-style-canvas-in-office-style-bathroom-toilet-toilet-bathroom (1)

Do not let the bedrooms face each other

This avoids conflicts between gas fields between two bedrooms, avoiding family dissonance.

Do not leave too many flowers in the bedroom

Set many flowers to create conditions for single people. But for married people, this should not be avoided.

No room to the north west of the bedroom

This will cause the man to become peach blossom, affecting the well-being of the family

In the bedroom there are two toilets

This should be avoided because it will make the man of the mind uncertain, easy to lean back and change. 8-thief-style-in-the-match-room-of-the-bathroom-cleaning-room (2)

Designing bedrooms with matching colors is also very important

Do not choose the color blue or pink to avoid the couple met peach flowers, life incurred contradiction.


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