20 beautiful bedrooms sparkling to the surprise thanks to the design of the stairs beside

The 20 bedroom models in the article below will be the living proof that the design of the stairs at the bedside does not bring inconvenience but the perfect spot for this space.

bedroom pattern

1. Bedrooms with beautiful open space occupy the whole lower floor of this house. Integrate both bathroom and bedroom into the same space for relaxation, true relaxation. The staircase at the right corner of the room is an interesting trait leading from the lower level to the upper floor with a simple design but still remains in the minds of viewers is a great decoration accessories.

2. Bedding patterns are indispensable with the perfect combination of natural wood and industrial concrete. Wooden stairs are a very important link to increase the connection between two spaces. 10 window frames filled the room, which is a dream bedroom for those who love peace and harmony with nature.

3. For personality types, this loft bedroom model must be born to be reserved for them. Bunk beds with simple but extremely attractive stairs. Wood furniture master this design. Not only bring the rustic space, but wood furniture also blast new wind to the bedroom more close to nature.

4. Flexible staircase is perfect for this boldly artistic bedroom.

Luxury and sophistication are the adjectives that you can say right away when you see this type of bedroom. Wooden stairs with unique fancy and polished texture show the level of interior investment of the owner of this house “not medium”. Although the bedroom is quite simple with the most restrained furniture but not so that this space lost its charm, noble inheritance.

6. Only occupy a very small area, but the bedroom model is still on the personality of the owner. With dark staircase design, the bedroom with wooden furniture becomes more impressive.

7. Wooden stairs lead to true paradise – a beautiful bedroom located in the attic of the house. This idea is worth considering if your attic has not been used for anything.

8. A bedroom pattern is quite prominent with pillow patterns color graphics eye-catching. Low and short stairs are used to connect space together.

9. When your home does not have enough space, this bedroom model is worth studying.

10. Bedrooms in the basement are also quite popular. Stairs dark color is always pleasing the designer when decorating this space. Beds with the frame also use dark colors for attractive attractive beauty.

11. An equally striking bedroom design with floating staircase design. Sleek bed with velvet fabric combines eye-catching green to give an impressive resting space.

12. There is no doubt, this is a sample bedroom for girls who love to sleep all day boring do not know boring. Adding to this space a little extra green of some potted plants is also a bad suggestion.

13. The design of this bedside staircase feels like you are immersed in a deck that is floating on the sea. The white color once again proved to be at the top of the list of colors commonly used in bedroom decor.

14. The gray staircase is very well suited to the dominant white color of the entire house and bedroom on the loft.

This delicate, luxurious and modern glass staircase design deserves top-notch bedrooms in the most minimalist style of the year.

16. What is the bed under the stairs? Beautiful and perfect. Not to mention the huge bookshelf located next to the stairs gives you a truly overwhelming feeling when entering this space.

17. The yellow staircase floating in the bedroom space with the main white.

Wood stairs and transparent glass between the two bedroom and office space as the demarcation between the two functional areas. You do not need to build a wall just to apply stairs as there is a great work space combined with great relaxation.

19. Although the dark staircase is separated by a glass door, it can not be denied that this bedroom model is much more luxurious in the corners where staircase design is present.

20. This deserves to be the unique bedroom of the year with wooden ceilings along stairs with fancy designs. The bedroom is more valuable with a beautiful view of the sea.

(According to Homedesignlover)

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