Do not skip 10 tips to make your bathroom more stylish

Try to think of a monotonous bathroom, boring with a bathroom full of interesting variations that you will choose. Apparently entering a stylishly designed bathroom will make us enjoy more than the boring bathroom. If you are planning on refreshing your bathroom, do not overlook the 10 helpful hints in the article below.

1. Decorate wall paintings

Why not? Do not think wall paintings can only hang in the living room or bedroom only. The bathroom is perfect for hanging artwork. Choose pictures that are more relevant to water when planning to hang pictures in the bathroom. You just need to hang an impressive picture is enough to blow the vitality of the bathroom already.

2. Items must be neat

A neat and tidy room will always give you the pleasure of stepping in even if you have a bathing space. You also have to pay special attention to cleaning items such as towels, soap, … Baskets made of bamboo, wicker or plastic resin of all sizes are the perfect hint for the neatly organized storage space in your bathroom.

3. Use shower curtain

The quickest way to refresh the bathroom is to come here. Using shower curtain is the best solution to change the look of this space. You can use a shower curtain to separate the sink area from the bath or to separate the bathroom from the toilet. The colorful curtains, fun patterns are very suitable to inspire you and the members. If the bathroom has a window, please place a curtain to make the room fresher.

4. Carpet floor coverings

Like curtain, carpet is the fastest way to change the appearance of space. These turquoise carpets look great with the bathroom that brings the fun you need when you step into this space.

5. Tree

Bathrooms are wet, so the planting of plants is very easy. In addition, the ornamental plant pots will turn the bathroom into a more lush and vibrant environment. The blue of the tree is especially useful for improving human emotions so you can think of a way to put a few small pots in the bathroom.


6. Shelf

These beautifully handcrafted shelves not only help to increase the storage space in the bathroom but also help to add space to this strange space. Just pick up versatile handcrafted shelves this place in the bathroom you have transformed the room from tedious to much more attractive then.

7. Light

Many bathroom designers lack the natural light that makes the room look dark yet stuffy. Try to bring natural light into the bathroom as much as possible through a bathroom window or reflective mirrors to make the space more airy and more inspirational.

8. Mirror

The light-reflective piece of furniture for the bathroom adds extra glitter to the part that’s exactly what you need to transform your bathroom into style. Pay attention to the large mirrors for the bathroom sink, especially the impressive mirror pedestal to create more attractive space.

9. Floor papers

Sometimes you feel the bathroom floor tiles too boring and want to change to create new inspiration for this space. But if you do not have enough money for this, think straight to the floor. Just like wall paper, floor papers quickly replace the old brick floor to bring real freshness to the room without spending too much time, effort and money. There are many types of flooring paper from simple to sophisticated.

10. Stairs

High hanging items make it difficult to manage to get them or sometimes you need to look at the other side of the bathroom for repairs, so you definitely need the ladder. A beautifully painted staircase will be indispensable in the bathroom, making this space-efficient decor a device that will help you climb as high as possible.

(Theo Decoholic)

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