The balcony pattern is suitable for tea and reading

These balconies can be a great place to have tea and read books. You can enjoy and experience in a completely fun space with these models.

Characteristics of these samples:

  • It is a combination of harmony between the interior and design style.
  • Young, good light suitable for reading.
  • Good space, with tables and chairs suitable for tea.
  • Beautiful views can help you relax.
  • An ideal place to chat with friends, relatives.

Here are some of the best examples:

mahal-mahal-phra-phu-ou-vu-wong-tra-va-doc (1)

With this kind of balcony balustrade like, the balcony is more beautiful and convenient than the size of modest

mahogany-mahogany-with-elephants-uong-tra-va-doc-sach (2)

The space of the balcony is maximized with the L-shaped chair velvet-mahogany-ladies-ladies-ladies-ladies-gentlemen (3)

These wall sofas are suitable for small balconies mahogany-mahogany-with-elephants-uong-trask-doc-sach (4)

The balcony is more youthful if you choose bright colors like this mahogany-mahogany-with-elephants-uong-tra-va-doc-sach (5)

This type of balcony is small but still enough room for 3 – 4 people sitting together velvet-mahogany-ladies-ladies-ladies-ladies-gentlemen (6)

Sitting on the balcony or watching the sunrise on your balcony in the morning is very interesting mahogany-mahogany-ladies-ladies-wong-tra-va-doc-sach (7)

An ideal space with wonderful flower pots to admire. velvet-mahogany-ladies-ladies-ladies-ladies-gentlemen (8)

An ideal space to enjoy in the morning or afternoon velvet-mahogany-ladies-with-elephants-ukraine-books (9)

A place to “read” to read and chat with friends

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