Beautiful balcony with 3m2 size

Only about 3m2, you can create the balcony model with ecstatic beauty and surprise. Balconies are indispensable part of the house, the creation of beautiful balconies bring a lot of meaning to the owner.

Characteristics of these balconies:

  • It is about 3m2 in size but absolutely beautiful
  • Creativity and meticulous attention to detail
  • Bring lots of useful value to homeowners.
  • Harmonized with indoor architecture
  • Reaching the heights of architectural art.

Below is a summary of the beautiful balcony model:

mop-ban-dep-bat-ngoai-kich-thuoc-3m2 (1)The small balcony becomes the perfect relaxing corner with only a charming blue chair, a colorful carpet and lovely flower pots. To turn a small balcony into a tea place, breakfast is just a choice. some small benches combined with a lovely water table and pillow hug Just a soft cushion seat and a few small ornaments are enough to make a great relaxing corner even on balcony area small Balcony beautiful little lung linh area. You just need a chair and a color iron table is enough. Folding tables are a great solution for narrow balconies. When you do not need to use anymore, you just folded, hung on the wall is complete To have a small balcony still beautiful you need only things such as folding chairs, folding table, some hanging baskets mop-ban-dep-bat-ngoai-kich-thuoc-3m2 (2) mop-ban-dep-bat-ngoai-kich-thuoc-3m2 (3) mop-ban-dep-bat-ngoai-kich-thuoc-3m2 (4) mah-ban-dep-bat-ngoai-kich-thuoc-3m2 (5) mop-ban-dep-bat-ngoai-kich-thuoc-3m2 (6) mop-ban-dep-bat-ngoai-kich-thuoc-3m2 (7)For a corner reading on a narrow balcony, do not be greedy, all you need is a pretty cushion seat. mah-ban-bat-ngoi-an-gai-thuoc-3m2 (8)Water, ideal breakfast on the balcony can also turn into a fitness corner. Just fold the tables and chairs back and forth. mah-ban-bat-ngoai-ngoai-chuich-3m2 (9)A lively little balcony with study tables and pots, lovely decorations. mah-ban-dep-bat-ngoai-kich-thuoc-3m2 (10)Tea corner, perfect reading on the 3m2 balcony with lightweight furnishings and neat

(according to Homedit)

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