Want to design rustic country style for the kitchen you need to note 3 materials make this floor

Kitchen style country style is very popular in design living space. In recent years, people have not only brought this style into separate rooms such as living room, bedroom, garden but also bring rustic kitchen. But to design country-style cooking space is not a simple matter, especially in the selection of flooring materials. Depending on the characteristics of each family such as children, pets, … the floor material is selected for efficiency. 3 flooring materials in the article below will bring a lot of interesting ideas for you in the kitchen space changes in your home rustic style while serving up the needs of your family.

1. Brick

Your home kitchen will transform itself into the ancient space of the 90s by just choosing the floor tile. Brick is the leading material that people think of when they want to design country-style kitchens. The nature of the bricks bearing a lot of nostalgic, space with the presence of this material so that the bearing is far more ancient.

Did you know that in Spain, people always use tile floor tile kitchen? Derived from the clean, durable and simple features of this material that the people of the house very confident in building kitchen space in a simple, rustic style.

Brick like this is only in the countryside but not many modern families in the city still prefer brick flooring for the kitchen. Brick is not different nature rustic, the simplicity of brick in general, is the target market is a powerful tool when you want to transform your kitchen in the country style.

2. Wood

Since ancient times, wood has become one of the first building materials for human beings, so it is not difficult to understand when wood is honored to be a classic, simple, rustic material. Therefore, you want to design kitchen in country style, you definitely can not ignore wood as flooring material. A little variation to bring classic breath in modern space is that you should make the kitchen rather than rely on this material but forget other materials suitable.

Wood flooring is a good option for kitchen space to bring the rustic beauty of sophistication. In addition, if you have enough economic resources and smart choice, you can own the wooden planks as well as beautiful kitchen as well as scented kitchen for more attractive.

3. Stone

Stone is also one of the three kitchen flooring materials recommended by experts in rustic rustic kitchen designs. The black stone kitchen floor has just brought the true level and just a simple expression to surprise the kitchen space for your family.

(According to Homedit)

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