The kitchen is beautiful, modern and extremely convenient even just 5m2

5 modern kitchen designs, below is the solution to help you solve the problem of small kitchen.

Decorating a small kitchen is a big challenge for anyone. Because in such a modest space, it is very difficult to manage a fully cooked kitchen with utensils. You also can not have enough room for the usual functions of a kitchen such as a breakfast corner. However, with 5 suggestions to decorate the kitchen below, you can completely own the kitchen in the dream with the modern, comfortable that long time memory.

1. Small kitchen decoration style bright, industrial


Advice for those who own a tight kitchen is to decorate the kitchen in bright colors to give a wider impression. A wall color similar to the color of the light, for example, will be suitable for you to wear new clothes for your home kitchen.

When the kitchen is tightly packed, do not hesitate to throw away empty cans, boxes or over-the-counter foods. Arrange kitchen items or spices neatly on the kitchen counter, fixed wood stalls or use industrial kitchen cabinets as the best solution you should do right now.

2. Modern kitchen decor in warm colors


Do not place too many basic appliances such as a microwave oven or coffee machine in a kitchen space that is already too narrow. Instead, you should choose to buy wall-mounted or under-cabinet equipment or wall mounts that can withstand the weight of basic appliances such as microwave ovens.

Multifunctional furniture integrates many functions at the same time as you need to save space for tight kitchen. An easy-to-move dining table with extra storage space for pots and pans is a must-have item for the kitchen.

3. Modern minimalist decor with countless space-saving wall hangings


When it is not possible to set enough kitchen cabinets due to the narrow area, the use of wall mounts or wooden shelves close to the wall is a good solution so that you can store items there in a very different way. , unique and impressive.

Using some mirrors hanging around the kitchen has both decorative effect kitchen and beautiful kitchen cooking space becomes much more.

4. Decorate the kitchen with a large kitchen cabinet


When space does not allow you to put too many cabinets in the kitchen, what you need to do is put a large cabinet to store all the utensils in the kitchen.

A simple cabinet, small drawers or drawers to accommodate all kitchen utensils such as bowls, chopsticks, bed sheets, … More creative you can also use the metal hook up Window to hang pans, pot as in this design also helps you save quite area for the kitchen is tight.

5. Kitchen decoration style is small, compact, modern apartment style luxury

Multifunctional furniture is indispensable for this comfortable, modern kitchenette. A small desk with a built-in tabletop surface helps create a panspace for pots and knives that are kept neatly in the trays placed on kitchen counters that take up extremely little space. Using stainless steel bar wall to contain cooking utensils such as coffee cups, small pots or pans, … is also an idea worth learning.

(According to Freshome)

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