The 11 models of spacious dining rooms are surprisingly spacious thanks to the design of the round table

It’s no wonder that you own one of the 11 dining room designs designed to solve the dilemma of townhouses, apartments: the narrow area. You do not have to put your hands on any furniture other than the dining table, choose a circle instead of a rectangle or oval shape to create a pleasant dining experience, cozy and feel at the same time. Spacious space to surprise.

1. Tropical dining style with two attractive red and white colors of the corner table makes it hard for you to take your eyes off. The round table design is easy to set up because its angularity is absolutely non-existent so you can easily place it in any corner of the dining room to save space for the capital area. This is narrow.

2. You see clearly that the dining table is completely free of the size of this dining room.

3. There is nothing to suggest for this dining room table. Just a small corner enough to make room dining room brighten thanks to the use of round table design with 4 pink chairs own fancy foot stool together with the orange wall next to it.

4. Dinner table pattern with minimalist style dining table with rustic round tables and chairs.

5. Beautifully decorated dining room with round wooden table design and soft sofa. For extra space the wall paintings are not bad at all.

6. Round table is quite easy for you to combine comfortable dining chairs such as this model. Try to coordinate the material, color to make your family’s dining space more perfect.

7. Add a dining room pattern with round table design combined with many types of seats. A cushioned pastel lounge chair with several soft cushion seats is a more inexpensive option for this ultra-luxurious dining experience.

8. Round table, blue armchair and two small chairs with black metal frame are the perfect trio to bring the simplicity as the owner of this kitchen.

9. Round table from wood material with 4 legs slender fancy black seat with black paintings that are also strangely styled for this model of unexpected fun.

sample dining room

10. You have to admit that round tables are easy to integrate with chairs and help cheat area as effectively as this dining example. Stylishly styled sofas perfectly match the delicate white table design.

11. Just a small corner in the kitchen like this you can also insert a round table to make the corner enjoy a great breakfast.

(According to Trendir)

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