Small kitchen scales are widespread thanks to 19 wonderful ideas

When you own a small kitchen you must be very embarrassed to decorate so beautiful and neat. Narrow area is always a problem for any space, especially kitchen – where there are a lot of home appliances. But there is a way to make a small kitchen become more spacious than it is because of the use of materials, colors, and furniture. The article below will give you 19 ideas for cramped kitchen space, wide-spread secrets.

small kitchen 1

1. This kitchen is quite small, but by the arrangement of rectangular items such as fridges, kitchen cabinets, cupboards, etc. smartly with windows near the kitchen counter and glass door panels. The kitchen feels much taller and much larger. White is the main color of this kitchen to bring spacious, comfortable, clean. The navy blue color of the kitchen cabinets and the red color of the refrigerator stand out in the white, unobstructed space that does not make the kitchen a cramped space, but rather the neatness of the kitchen.

small kitchen 2

2. A rule that you should care for when you have limited space: try to make the interior as neat and tidy as possible. In the small kitchen, the kitchen cabinets are sealed even though they are filled with kitchen utensils inside giving a nice feel, similar to this kitchen. Using a neutral color scheme for the kitchen is also not a bad choice but try to add some freshness to this space with a warm orange color on the kitchen wall to dispel the gloomy atmosphere due to neutral colors. again.

small kitchen 3

3. Add a perfect hint to the small kitchen. Use the shade of white for both the cooking area from the wall, kitchen cabinets, chairs, floor tiles. Do not forget the windows for natural light filled this space. You will find your kitchen is wide open suddenly.

kitchenette 4

4. White continues to be the main color of this kitchen. The highlight is the red drawers make kitchen space more lively.

kitchenette 5

5. When the area of your kitchen is quite modest, install more kitchen cabinets with glass doors and filled with kitchen utensils to create order, neat. A well-kept kitchen will give a feeling of spaciousness, spaciousness and space.

small kitchen 6

6. Small kitchen with impressive combination of two colors of white and gray wood. If the white color gives a neat, subtle feel, the gray color of wood brings warmth to this space.

small kitchen 7

7. This elegant kitchen is the result of a combination of wood, glass and marble. The kitchen is shimmering thanks to the light of the light yellow LED and the interior decoration of the eye.

small kitchen 8

8. With many apartments, townhouses narrow area, sometimes the kitchen is just a small wall like this. But the owner of the house still knows how to design a spacious, spacious kitchen by combining the lemon yellow color of the kitchen cabinet with the white color of the wall and the kitchen surface. All lie neatly in a wall from the stove, the dishwasher to the arrangement of dishes, pots and pans. This is exactly the perfect solution for small kitchens .

small kitchen 8

9. Small kitchens can not be tidy with built-in kitchen cabinets. You can add a little more color like orange, yellow for kitchen cabinets like this for more fresh cooking space.

small kitchen 10

10. Black and white are the standard colors when designing living space and the kitchen is no exception. In this white kitchen is still the main color, black as spices are added to create highlights such as the wall, the seat. Large windows bring more natural light into the kitchen area, especially the multi-function table that has both cupboard and can be the perfect dining table for the whole family.

small kitchen 11

11. Do not try to install large windows to bring nature to the kitchen. White once again proved a strong attraction when chosen as the main color for the kitchen. Transparent plastic chairs provide the fun for meals. White floor tiles make the kitchen space as wide as possible.

small kitchen 12

12. Not too hard for you to own this beautiful kitchen. The kitchen, dishwasher, kitchen cabinets fit neatly on a wall. The neat and tidy layout provides a spacious, comfortable space for this kitchen.

small kitchen 13

13. Just a small space is enough for you to design a small kitchen with full items from the kitchen wall cabinets upstairs to the kitchen, dishwasher area is neatly located on the kitchen island. The drawers are ubiquitous, making your kitchen even smaller, but still have plenty of storage space needed. The white and gray colors give a sense of brightness to the kitchen.

small kitchen 14

14. Layout kitchen designs in two sides of the impressive triangle. Built-in kitchen cabinets provide extremely comfortable storage space for kitchen utensils. You can create vivid accents for the kitchen area by placing vases, pots ornamental plants like this.

small kitchen 15

15. The combination of two colors is white and the color of wood on the kitchen cabinets with the gray color of the floor tiles makes the kitchen suck more eyes. What you should do with the tight kitchen is to install as many kitchen cabinets to keep the kitchen look neat.

small kitchen 16

16. In the kitchen where the white color is dominant, a row of LED lights running in the cooking area will bring the same warm feeling needed for this space. An impressive table and chairs make for a delicious meal.

small kitchen 17

17. A small kitchen filled with pure white color from the walls, kitchen cabinets, tile floor, chairs, … White table especially when it can pull together with a fancy wooden table makes this space. more attraction.

small kitchen 18

18. Small kitchen but not feel cramped due to the layout of the kitchen between the two large windows make the space is much wider than the actual area.

small kitchen 19

19. The kitchen uses a separate area to separate functional areas with dishwashing areas and cooking stoves located in two different places. With this tip, you can create the illusion of a large, spacious and airy kitchen in the eyes of everyone.

(According to Architectureartdesigns)

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