Do not worry about the kitchen is packed with 5 great ideas about the interior

The kitchen is always the general fear of those who live in the street, narrow apartment area. When the kitchen space is small, you have to work hard to pack the furniture so that the kitchen is neat and neat. If you are worried about how to keep your kitchen tidy enough space to put your furniture smartly, the 5 great ideas in the article below will help you.

High chairs and rectangular tables

Dining tables are always a luxury for tight kitchens. If the space is not wide enough to accommodate the dining table, a rectangular table, simple textures and high chairs of color in proportion to the family member is the optimal solution. You can choose materials for the kitchen table in the style of your home chasing, be it wood, stainless steel or glass, …

Round table

Choosing a round table for the kitchen is tightly packed. Many families with children using round tables do not own the angular edge can hurt the child. At the same time, the design of the round table is very convenient so that the whole family can sit together and eat together warmly. In addition, while square, rectangular or rectangular tables, you need to select the right angle to place the round table with the ease of movement that can be placed in any corner of the kitchen.


Taking advantage of space is one of the ways that people living in small spaces are forced to lay their hands on. The empty wall array is where you can set up storage shelves cascading in the eye. Depending on the height of the ceiling you can take full advantage of avoiding wasted space in the kitchen space already limited area.

Low chair

When you have a large kitchen, you can spoil yourself with a choice of high and low chairs, but with a tight kitchen, it is unlikely. You have to choose the solution to optimize the space of the kitchen. Choose chairs that can be hidden under the dining table after use. Foldable or stacked chairs are also worth mentioning.

Single table

If the kitchen is tight enough to handle a fancy table, why not experiment with a single table so you can place them spontaneously next to a window or corner in the kitchen to mail. Let’s enjoy the breakfast?

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