Beautiful kitchen shimmering when applied color pastel in design for women

The kitchen is the place to bring joy every day to the sister association, where delicious food is born. In modern times, the kitchen is increasingly cared not only in interior design but also in order to inspire the sisterhood when cooking stand in this space.

One of the trends in the design of modern kitchens makes modern ultra modern feminine is to use pastel colors to bring sweetness to the kitchen. Just a little clever choice of pastel colors and furniture suitable, you will have a beautiful kitchen, but also attractive charming gently.

1. The kitchen mixes mint, sky blue and green

Different levels of green, such as mint, sky blue, green are very popular in the design of living space is cool, close and kitchen is no exception. These three muted blue, blue and green pastels blend together in the kitchen to give this space a charming look.

An attractive modern kitchen with green color

The silvery-green honeysuckle gives a pleasant feeling of cooking space

Pastel blue brings nature into your kitchen. You can use different levels of blue in many different choices to create highlights. The furniture, other items in the kitchen you should choose neutral colors or bright colors. And to highlight this space you should choose pastel colors for kitchen walls or tables and chairs. Just a few impressive points like that, the kitchen of the family will be beautiful to be surprised.

Dining table furniture in mint greens lit up in the kitchen all the colorful furniture

Applying mint colors to kitchen cabinets makes the kitchen cooler and much more fresh

2. The kitchen is pinkish

Pink flowers are quite a blessing when designing the kitchen area. A beautiful feminine kitchen with pink chalk is very suitable for her favorite single cooks or families with little princess curious kitchen work.

Pink chalk brings sweetness to the kitchen

Unlike the blue color, you should minimize the use of pink chalk when designing the kitchen to prevent the feeling of heat from too much pink in the kitchen area as well as balance with other colors.

Two-tone pink and white are the duo in the design of the kitchen more feminine, sweet

The pastel kitchen cabinets are so overwhelming

Mix many pastel tones to create a fresh new look for the kitchen

If you are not a standard follower, mix 2 to 3 pastel colors for the main interior when decorating the cooking space. You will not be surprised by the fresh look, radiance of the kitchen.

Two pastel blue and pink tones blend together to make the kitchen more beautiful and fresh

When your kitchen has too many pastel tones, you add some main furniture with dark colors such as red, orange, yellow, blue, … to highlight your kitchen.

Impressive red chairs in a pastel kitchen

The yellow color always brings warmth to your family’s cooking space

(Theo Decoist)

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