10 solutions for the kitchen is recommended by experts

If you do not own a kitchen space narrow you do not be too bothered because this article will open up with you 10 solutions to stop the kitchen tightly.

1. How to hide items

Learn how to hide intelligence from the experts to your kitchen more spacious. You can hide the microwave in the closet, and other household items can also be used to create more free space. With hidden ways you will no longer feel the kitchen is too cramped as before.

2. Kitchen countertops

With a narrow kitchen area you should use the kitchen table can pull out like this to prepare food is more comfortable and after you have just finished folding is neat kitchen in the lightning. eye.

3. Shelves

The more cramped the kitchen, the more shelves you need to store more furniture. Bypass the kitchen design below you can see the owner has installed a lot of storage shelves to the kitchen ceiling. Thanks to that, the kitchen utensils are neatly arranged, beautifully creating a feeling of spacious kitchen space.

4. Separate food compartment

The use of small drawers that fit against the wall can be pulled in and pulled out for food is a solution recommended by the experts for the kitchen is tight. They are compact but the food storage space of these drawers is extremely large. You can comfortably order food without fear of occupying too much of the kitchen. Avoid using food containers as they only make your family’s kitchen sloppy and tedious.

5. Refrigerator

With a tight kitchen, a giant refrigerator seems to be a dream come true, but do not be in a hurry because the refrigerator model combining cabinets in the design below will be the optimal solution for the kitchen space. of your family. These fridges combine with cabinets like this to be compact, save on space for the kitchen just as you desire.

6. Breakfast

The narrow kitchen does not mean that you can not manage a nice place to enjoy breakfast every morning. By designing a small pedestal in the kitchen like this, you have a lively breakfast table for the whole family.

Small table

You can also think of placing a table set in the kitchen with a round table design to bring a sense of spacious cooking space. When the kitchen is tight, using a round table will be more flexible in moving the dining chair, the curved edges of the table also do not poke into the wall. Compared with other dining table designs, this small round table is exactly the perfect choice for a small kitchen area.

8. Rich storage capacity

Although the kitchen area of your home is a bit modest, but you can completely manage the space to store kitchen utensils comfortably. By taking advantage of every inch of space on the wall, installing cabinets to the ceiling of the kitchen to store all household items. Design in two rows: the bottom row contains household items for regular use, the top row stores items that are rarely used for convenience in the kitchen.

9. Tree

The tight kitchen can not stop you from bringing nature into this space. Create a bar across this kitchen window to hang up a few small pots of beautiful green kitchen space that does not occupy too much space.

10. Two sinks

Double wash basin is the ideal solution for the tightest kitchen that you should apply. Set aside at the corner of the kitchen table to install a double sink that is convenient for you while cooking and making use of the kitchen space.

(Theo Houzz)

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