10 small pretty kitchen space which housewife love most

Where space is spacious kitchen is beautiful and vice versa. 10 design kitchen but small but beautifully decorated in the article below gives you more suggestions on how to design interior space for kitchen space narrow area.

1. White space and maximum storage space

White is always the best choice for tight spaces. This white kitchen is the main color tone combined with soft color walls. Kitchen shelves should have several compartments like this to create maximum storage space for kitchen utensils. Kitchen cabinets do not need to push up the ceiling to take advantage of space that should give space to give a spacious feel. A small window still has enough light to fill this kitchen space.

10 small kitchen space pretty housewives love met1

A U-shaped kitchen is a smart choice for tight kitchen space

2. Country-style kitchen with rustic style uses neutral colors

With many modern people still want to keep a little old, this idea is very suitable to renovate the kitchen space as it is. It is not necessary to use too many colors to lose the rustic look you want to pursue. Just do not mix more than 3 colors in this space and take the dominant position for neutral colors. Compact kitchen cabinets with storage compartments for easy storage of kitchen utensils. Above is the open shelves to put the cup neatly, a lovely vase for more beautiful kitchen space. Red brick floors are something you should keep in mind when you want to own rustic country kitchen.

10 small kitchen space pretty housewife all love met2

3. Small kitchen located along the wall

To maximize the space you need to design a kitchen set along the wall to ensure that only one wall is enough for the kitchen corner of the family. The kitchen is only about 3m long and you love the layout of the sink, oven, stove, kitchen utensils.

10 small kitchen space pretty housewife all love met3

4. Country kitchen with white color

In a small kitchen space this is the application of white color is the main thing is necessary to feel spacious room, more airy than the actual area. Impressive kitchen cabinets maximize storage space for a neat, tidy kitchen. Kitchen area with sink design, oven and storage compartment with cabinet door for storing kitchen utensils neatly and nicely. Discs and cups are neatly stored on the top, convenient for use. Although this kitchen is quite small but thanks to the application of white color and skillfully decorated furniture to feel the air space is unexpected.

10 small kitchen space pretty housewife all love met4

5. White – black traditional cookers

For those who love simple style, the kitchen model with two colors black – white attractive eye is not a bad suggestion. The interiors between these two colors for impressive living room space.

10 small kitchen space pretty housewife all love met5

6. Small kitchen with mosaic tile

Mosaic tiles offer a special visual effect that creates a double illusion for small kitchen spaces. This mosaic tile model offers great space despite the fact that the room is quite small.

10 small kitchen space pretty housewife all love mesmerizing

Small kitchen with versatile space

This small kitchen is another proof that the space is narrow so the application of white color is the dominant color. In addition, kitchen cabinets ceiling, kitchen island is designed as a bar with the high lemon yellow stand features integrated functions as a place to cook, dish pots and meals. deliciously

10 small kitchen space pretty housewife all love met7

Small kitchen with space dividers

For kitchen space too narrow area you should not use much unnecessary furniture. Instead, you should use open shelves to store more kitchen utensils that create ventilation for space that is modest. This very small kitchen is separated with another functional area by a fancy bookshelf. Because the use of bookshelves is the boundary that creates open space, you do not feel that this kitchen is too cramped.

10 small kitchen space pretty housewife all love met8

9. The kitchen uses two-color white and red for the dim space

When the space of the family kitchen is both narrow and lack of light, the application of two colors white and red and create a ceiling lighting such as this kitchen exactly what you need to apply immediately to your kitchen.

10 small kitchen space pretty housewife all love met9

10. Borrow space for a small kitchen

When living in a flat, townhouse you can borrow space to expand the area for the kitchen. By integrating 3 rooms in the same space kitchen-dining-room like this you completely solve the problem of space kitchen tightly.

10 small kitchen space pretty housewife all love met10

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