Unusual use of beer in home cleaning

Surprisingly, beers and beers have so many wonderful uses in helping housewives clean their houses faster and easier.

A strong drink, but few know that beer has many uses in supporting the housekeeping of the weak.

Unusual use of beer in household cleaning (1)

Remove stains

The most stubborn stain that sometimes makes ordinary detergents such as wine stains poured on clothes is that the beer can still be cleaned completely. Just pour the beer into the sponge and start gently rubbing the dirt on the clothes. Then bring your clothes to dry until dry. In case the stain is not completely turned off, repeat the operation until the new stains are gone.

Sanitary wood furniture

In the housekeeping work, it is impossible not to mention the cleaning of the furniture. Similar to stubborn dirt, beer is also a detergent for dirt and stains on furniture such as cabinets, tables, chairs, etc.

Unusual use of beer in home cleaning (2)

Brighten the metal

In addition to cleaning shine, shiny wood furniture, beer also has the same effect on shiny metal utensils thanks to the acid component contained in it.

Insect trap

You can “lure” insects like cockroaches … to the homemade traps with beer as “bait”. The aroma of beer will bring insects and traps will fulfill its role.

How to make insect traps with beer as follows: you pour beer into the cup, use food film to form a protective barrier outside the glass then penetrate a small hole in the membrane and placed in the cone area coincide or appear most. Wait for a while to see how the trap works.

Make garden fertilizer and eliminate wild mushrooms

Pour a bit of beer onto the roots and repeat this work will help the tree grow in the garden.

With wild mushrooms that make grass in your garden less livable, you can eliminate them by pouring beer on the lawn to eliminate them.

Unusual use of beer in home cleaning (3)

Pull out the snail

If you are the type of snail who is afraid of the snail, this is a tip for you. Pour beer into a bottle high enough to not beer quickly evaporate, remember not close the vial again. Bury this vial where you usually see the snail and wait to see what happens. Snails will quickly disappear after your experiment with this beer.


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