Teach you how to clean up the sink in just a few minutes

Many people think that it is not necessary to clean the sink as it is almost always cleaned daily, but that is just what the naked eye can see. Sinks are where the leftovers, grease, … are poured daily so it looks like it looks clean and completely no problem but actually bacteria and germs that harm the health of the family. You are hiding under the sink. Therefore, it is advisable for you to wash the sink regularly, preferably once a day.

Cleaning the sink is not a hard job, but to protect the health of your home, you should limit the use of harmful detergents. With natural ingredients that are easy to find even in the family kitchen, you can clean your kitchen sinks in your kitchen. The article below will help you to clean simple sinks, effective immediately.

Clean the sink with ingredients that are easy to find safe for health


-Safety soap

White peanut

-Baking soda

-Last sea




Soft sponge

Cleaning materials for sinks are easy to find at grocery stores, markets or supermarkets at low cost

How to clean the sink

Step 1: You should clean the sink at the end of the day, beginning with the sink cleaning operation with dishwashing soap and soft sponges. Put some sponges into the sponge and perform the usual sink scrubbing.

Step 2: Clean the sink

Use baking soda to sprinkle on sanitized surfaces on the surface of the sink. Then, pour a small amount of clean water into the paste and then remove the soft sponges thoroughly scour the tub. Next, take the tissue soaked in white vinegar and wipe it with a tissue. Finally, use the dishwasher to rinse the sink again.

Use a toothbrush to brush hard-to-clean places such as the sink

Step 3: Clean the drain

After you have cleaned the next sink, you need to clean the sewer – the sink. This is the part that needs to be taken into account when cleaning the sink, as long-term waste in the sewer will cause an unpleasant odor even if you have removed it to throw it away but still have some residue left in the sewer.

To clean the drain, you sprinkle baking soda down, add some white vinegar to wait 1 minute for the mixture to react to each other then you pour boiled water down the drain. Continue to add a cup of raw salt to the drain and begin to rinse the faucet for cold water from the tap to the salt in the sewer. When the water dissolves the salt you cut some pieces of lemon, rinse the cold water to lemon scent can sometimes make the odor smell of the sewer.

Clean the sink with cheap ingredients and steps are extremely simple

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