Make the deodorant very quickly with just the right ingredients

No need to buy expensive at the store, you can completely hand-made a spray deodorant for home is always fragrant from the ingredients available in the kitchen.

Deodorant products for home space are sold in stores and supermarkets. But you can do a deodorant spray with ingredients easy to find around your kitchen like orange, lemon, tangerine. And of course, the approach is not complicated at all.


Chief justice, orange, tangerine
-Water distilled
flask spray
orifice glass
-Talk pharmaceutical and citrusy


Quick deodorant spray with just the right ingredients (1)

Use orange peel / citrus knife as shown.

Quick deodorizer with just the right ingredients (2)

Next, take a vial of glass and pour the vodka into it and soak the orange / lemon / citrus peel you just finished. If you have herbs such as mint, basil, … you should add to help increase the aroma. Place the glass vial in a cool place, avoiding direct sunlight for 1-2 weeks.

Quick deodorant spray with just the right ingredients (3)

After the above time, take all of the orange / lemon / citrus peels and herbs (if any) out of the glass jar. Mix this solution with distilled water in a ratio of 1/2 solution: 1/2 distilled water.

Use diluted solution to make fragrant home or furniture such as sofa, carpet or clothes. They will keep the aroma extremely pleasant, no preservatives so you do not have to worry anymore.

However, a note for you, because this solution does not contain preservatives, so you have to use fast so they do not mess up.

(Theo livesimply)

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