15 fast tips home cleaning

Cleaning your home is not easy with many people even it is a boring thing if you have not mastered all 15 tips to clean up the speed below.

Want to stay neat, tidy, you can not clean the house often. Speaking of housekeeping, many people find it a haunting job.

Obviously, the cleaning of the house spent a lot of time, effort to bring new results. But that’s when you have not pocketed 15 clean house hygiene tips, speed below.

Quick home cleaning tips

1. Clean the kitchen cabinet

Kitchen cabinets are loved by many families because of their rustic appearance, durability and reasonable cost. But kitchen cabinets after a period of use will cling to the dirt on the outside surface makes them become aesthetically, looks ugly extremely.

A simple kitchen remodel can be made at home with a 1: 2 vegetable oil and baking soda (1 part vegetable oil, 2 parts baking soda). Apply the mixture to the surface of the kitchen cabinet and rub it with a toothbrush and then wipe it off with a cloth. Your kitchen will be as shiny as new. Vegetable oil and baking soda detergents help dispel persistent stains on the surface of your kitchen cabinets.

Home cleaning (1)

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2. Clean the baby’s toys

Baby toys always have small parts that are easy to dust, hard to clean. And of course, you do not have time to clean one at a time. Put all of your unhealthy toys in a bag and put them in the washing machine as you would with regular clothes. Finished, you just poured them into a basket and dried.

Home cleaning (2)

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3. Clean the desk is

It is a year-round activity that you do not care to be extremely dirty. The way to clean the table is by sea salt is a simple solution, effective immediately that you can not ignore. You do the following: Turn on the table is at the highest temperature followed by a cloth that has been spread salt sea. If the table is your home is spray type should turn off this mode when cleaning your desk is offline.

Home cleaning (3)

4. Clean the colon with yellow stain

The knee is very yellowish after a long period of use. To remedy this, you can wash the pillow with a mixture of: ½ cup of baking powder, 1 cup of detergent, 1 cup of bleach and hot water.

Home cleaning (4)

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5. Polishing wooden furniture

The only disadvantage of the furniture is that it is prone to scratches after a period of use. However, you can completely refresh the scratched wooden items following the simple tips below. Mix vinegar and olive oil at a rate of ½ cup vinegar + ½ cup olive oil. Then, use a cloth soaked in the solution and rub onto the surface of the furniture is scratched. Wait for a moment to see the miracle.

Home cleaning (5)

6. Remove stains on furniture

In many cases, you accidentally make white marks appear on the surface of your furniture. The heat traces make the interior ugly. To solve this problem, you should moisten 3-5 towels to place them above the stain. Then, use the table at the highest heat level, above the surface of the towel that has just been placed for a short time of 15 seconds. Make sure the ugly heat marks on the furniture disappear.

Home cleaning (6)

7. Clean stains on cloth-covered sofas

The fabric-covered sofas were only nice for months after they were bought, as they were easily dusty and the sofa was covered with fabric such as velvet, suede and suede. To remove the dirt on the sofa you can use alcohol to clean.

Here’s how: Use a white sponge, so do not fade. Alcohol is poured into the spray and sprayed all over the surface of the dirt that needs to be cleaned on the sofa. Take the sponge clean the stain is complete.

Home cleaning (7)

8. Clean the faucet

House cleaning tips tell you how to clean the tap in the bathroom with natural materials, safe for the hands are extremely effective in cleaning appliances. It is fresh lemon. Use fresh lime rubbed on the hose then rinse with water.

Home cleaning (8)

9. Clean the lotus tub of the shower

Shower lotion is also the most easily stain. To clean the lotus bud, you need white vinegar and a plastic bag. To make it extremely simple, you put white vinegar in plastic bags and then tie bags around the lotus for an hour and rinse with clean water. You will not be surprised with the result.

Home cleaning (9)

10. Clean the kitchen table

The stove is easy to stick to grease trays or food during cooking but few people remember to clean them. Using ammonia solution is a great way for you to clean your kitchen table quickly.

Put ¼ cup of ammonia into the plastic bag and put the stove in a tightly packed bag overnight. Use wipes to thoroughly rub the stain that stains on the kitchen table the next morning. Finally, rinse with water, to drain when used.

Home cleaning (10)

11. Clean the wood cutting board

Not inferior to the surface of wood furniture, on the chopping board is also filled with stains as well as food hint. If you do not clean the wood chopping board regularly, bacteria can strike the health of your family members at any time.

To clean the cutting board you need familiar ingredients with the kitchen is half a lemon, sea salt and 2 tablespoons of vinegar. How to do it simple, you wipe the wood with a mixture of water mixed vinegar. Then, you use half a lemon dip sea salt and rub strongly on the surface of wood cutting boards. Rinse off with clean water, you will be surprised to see the new cutting board is fragrant fresh.

Home cleaning (11)

12. Clean up the oil duster on the furniture

The most painful is when you make a wire with a hard-oil marker on the surface of the furniture or floor. But you know that it is difficult to clean the brush with a brush. Try this for immediate effect: apply a small amount of toothpaste on the brush or dirt in the interior or tile floor, then wipe off the brush with a damp cloth.

Home cleaning (12)

13. Clean the rug

The carpet is as dirty as a fabric-covered sofa after a period of use. You can clean your home’s rug by spraying any cleaning solution onto the rug in the dirt areas, using a cloth covered on the surface and using the hot plate until it disappears. the stains on the rug.

Home cleaning (13)

14. Polishing silverware

Each time you clean the house, you will find many items of silver that need to be polished after a period of use. You do not have to spend time, effort with only salt and baking soda that you have a great mixture immediately to polish them. Remember to mix the salt, baking soda in a ratio of 1: 1 offline.

house cleaning (4)

15. Clean the sponge

A dishwasher sponge is certified as the most dirty item in the kitchen, and if you neglect the cleaning, countless bacteria hidden inside will attack your health and your family. Place a sponge in the microwave for a period of 5 minutes to clean it.

Home cleaning (15)

Hope 15 clean house hygiene tips on more or less help you to clean up the speed of your living space while still ensuring high efficiency.

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