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It is always important to do housework in Vietnamese beliefs. The observation from the age of the house to see the date of groundbreaking is considered one of the immutable principles to bring luck, financial resources to the owner.

see house age

Why must we look at the age when building a house?

Many people, especially young people living in Western ideologies, have always considered that viewing home-made age is unnecessary, as superstition is superstitious. Is that true? Do house age look to do?

Feng shui has been studied by many scholars from ancient times and acknowledges the influence of the human destiny. It is the doctrine of the study of the impact of wind direction, water circuit, direction of gas to human life. And it is no accident that Feng Shui is trusted by many people and follow it. “There are sacred worship, there is health abstinence” taboos in feng shui, if the owner made the obvious financial resources, good luck knocking on the door, successful children, family peacefully smooth. In contrast, if the owner ignores the feng shui elements, disaster will come, the family dispersed, children go back.

In the importance of life as married wife, as the door-house, … Vietnamese people are always careful to see good days and hours to ensure peace, good luck. Building a door is a very important thing can not be neglected in the preparation before the groundbreaking. The principles in feng shui, especially the age of the home is focused on can bring more money, luck for homeowners.

Notes when viewing home-made age

See who’s age?

Traditional home remedies are to look at the man’s age, ie the husband, the father of the family. Because of that, the house is positive, so it is necessary to choose a male. They have the phrase “get married to see the age of women, do house to see the age of men” also so.

In the absence of a man, when building a home, the age of the woman can play a key role. Looking at house age is considered to be a very important first step in preparing to start building a home. Of course, after looking at the house age, the landlord also needs to see the day of the ground breaking to match the age of all members of the family.

See how the house age?

View the age of the house to choose the best time to make the construction of the house is smooth sailing, financial resources, family harmony, smooth peace forever. The age of a person’s house in a given year is considered to be age when he or she does not commit to the three terms of Tam Tai, the Wild, the Elderly.

If homeowners in the Tam Tai, Hoang Oc or Kim Lau are easy to bring disaster for the whole family. If you make a home in Tam Tai, the disaster can not be anticipated at any time, not in time to hand. If the house is in the Wild House, then the house will be very bad due to the Yellow Sea means home. If you do as long as the Kim family, the whole family will be harmed.

If the owner’s age is in the Wilderness or the Elderly, it must not be carried out as a house because disaster can come. In this case, the homeowner should wait another year for a home or repair. Or the borrower can borrow the age to proceed, but carefully wait another year still more. The case of Tam Tai but not committed to Kim Long or Real Estate can still do the job.

The formula for calculating the age of building is age = Building year – year of birth + 1

The basic principles of looking at home-made age will help the homeowner to avoid Tam Tai, the Dead, the Long.

Tam Tai

The three-year term is the limit of 3 consecutive years to each age that is defined by the Feng Shui five elements. In one life, every three years, there are three consecutive years.

Tam Tai years of age:

– Thân, Tí, Thìn: Tam ears in the years Dần, Mão, Thìn.

– The Dần, Ngọ, Tuất: Tam tai at the year of Thân, Dậu, Tuất.

– Hợi, Mão, Mùi: Tam tai at the year of the Tỵ, Ngọ, Mùi.

– Tỵ, Dậu, Sửu: Tam ears at the Hợi, Tý, Sửu.


The age of wildlife divided into 6 supply: most sandy, doubtful, three areas, tons of talents, five deaths, continental wildlife (according to documents on trash sandy folk). The calculation is as follows: start the age of 10 at most sand, 20 at the second, 30 at the three, 40 at tons, 50 at five, 60 at the wild, 70 start at the most sand…

Here are the meanings of the wilderness:

Most sand: Making this age will have good An Cu, all things good, convenient.

Suspicion: Building a house will be beneficial, home is rich, wealthy.

Tam homeland: Making a home is a crime, homeowners will get sick.

Suit tons of money: Making the fortune will come.

Mid-life: Making a home is a crime, in the house divided, fall into the scene of death isolation.

Poverty: Do the house is broken, hard to achieve.

According to that, the age of the home is in the bow: most sand, doubles, tons of home is good. If you are in the three provinces, the five-year-old son, the real estate is broken, need to wait another year to build a house or borrow the age to build a house.

The ages in the wild years: 12, 14, 15, 18, 21, 23, 24, 27, 29, 30, 32, 33, 36, 38, 39, 41, 42, 51, 54, 56, 57, 60, 63, 65, 66, 69, 72, 74, 75.

Kim Long

To calculate Kim Dau, the simplest is to take the age of the homeowner divided by 9, if the surplus 1 is Kim Long body, surplus 3 is Kim Long, surplus 6 is Kim Dieu, residual 8 is Kim Dâu.

In that case, if you go to Kim, you can harm the owner’s wife. Kim is responsible for the owner, Kim is responsible for the domestic animals and the Kim is the harm to the family. master.

The age ranges in Kim Long: 12, 15, 17, 19, 21, 24, 26, 28, 30, 33, 35, 37, 39, 42, 44, 46, 48, 51, 60, 62, 64, 66, 69, 71, 73, 75.

However, the above limits will not affect much in the case of buying and selling of investment properties.

see age make a home _ note

Home loan experience

When looking at home-made age is not what you like, homeowners can still proceed by borrowing another person’s age as a home. Here are some tips for homeowners who can borrow money from home.

– Only borrow the age to start a new house, not old to repair the house.

– It is best to borrow old people in the family, close relatives in the family, near the house to facilitate the procedure later.

– When borrowing the age of a person, the landlord needs to ask clearly whether the person has the second person on the same loan during the intended time of construction. As a rule, lenders can not lend to two people at the same time.

– When repairing small, no earthquake, just choose the good day of good not necessarily borrow. But if the repair of the house to the ground means that touching the gods, need to watch carefully carefully to avoid the taboo.

Home Loan Procedure

When borrowing age to build a house, the landlord should follow the procedures below:

-How to sell a house that represents the borrower’s age.

-The old borrower needs to make vows and break ground when breaking ground (5-7 hoes to symbolize the beautiful direction).

-The owner and his family avoid going during the ceremony.

– When making roofs, the borrower’s age changes the homeowner’s procedures and homeowners must also avoid this period.

– Older borrowers also make changes to the paperwork when entering the paperwork.

– The owner buys the house with a symbolic price higher than the selling price. Then the borrower will hand over the house to the owner.

– The owner of the ceremony.

Entrance procedure when borrowing age

After the house is completed, the landlord should do some of the following procedures to enter the new house.

– The owner of the round mirror (must ensure that the mirror to enter the house) brought home before. The owner of the ancestors hand in the next. Then the children brought the fire, mattress, rice, … into the new home. In the absence of a man, the key woman holds the ancestor’s incarnation before them, followed by the female with the kitchen, rice and water. The furniture should be moved to the front of the house next to the next.

– Do not go empty-handed into the house.

Pregnant women and tertiary people are not accompanied.

– The owner should manually put jewelry money into the cabinet in good time.

To make the house is convenient homeowner must necessarily see the age to bring more honor, wealth, luck for the family. According to the experience of the thousand handed down to today, when watching the age of building a home, the landlord should avoid breaking into the term: Tam Tai, Hoang Oc, Kim Long. Hope this synthesis of Digital Beauty has helped homeowners to see how the home is right.


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