Things to avoid when designing your main door

The main door of a house will be the road leading the air, decide the feng shui values ​​of family members. Should design the main door should avoid the following:

Enter the house and meet the door of the bathroom

Guard is considered bad, should not put the toilet near the door will affect the family members.

Women with mild dysmenorrhea, severe disease can bleeding uterus or premature. In order to neutralize, we can hang curtain or paintings in front of the toilet.velvet-can-can-paint-in-the-home (1)

Open door to the fridge

Do not leave the refrigerator at the main door. This item is only appropriate in the corner, to avoid problems in the family.velvet-can-can-paint-in-the-home (2)

Open the door to the vase

Do not place the vase at the door to avoid bad things to come.velvet-can-paint-when-in-house-in-home (3)

Do not leave the elevator facing the door

This avoids the problem of looking at people who are not good troubles in the family.

Do not leave the door too high

Avoid gas and gas. A door that is adequate and adequate to the family is sufficient.

Doors and back doors are not aligned

The front door and the back door into a straight line will create “violent” or “psychological” violence in the family.

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