Notes on feng shui when cleaning the altar on New Year

The altar is a sacred place so it takes a lot of respect in everything from worship to cleaning. Tet is the time when you need to clean the altar to welcome the new year. There are feng shui notes you need to grip while cleaning the altar.

From the selection of the size of the altar , decorating the fruit to clean the altar is required to feng shui. This is also very easy to understand because the altar is the place to show respect for human beings with the Buddha, the ancestors.

As we approach the New Year, we need to clear the altar. But cleaning up how to make sure not to affect health, fortune is very interesting. The feng shui notes below will help you.

The time to set the proper altar

After the fall of the Apples on December 23 (December 23 lunar calendar) is the right time to clean the altar. You can extend the time to clean the altar but make sure everything is in tune with New Year’s Eve.

Burn incense notice the first

Cleaning the altar could not be possible. Before that, you need to prepare the ceremony is the fruit plate and lighted incense. This is like asking for the permission of the Buddha, the ancestor of how to clean, clean up. Wait until the incense burns out so you can start working.

The feng shui note when cleaning the altar of Tet - Beautiful House Number (1)

Clean the altar with warm water

Warm water should be used to clean items on the altar. From the tablet, bowl incense, lamp, … Note to wash the god before, post ancestors. Avoid doing the opposite because this is a divine desecration.

The next note is to clean the plate first, then prepare the incense stick. When preparing the incense stick, many people have the habit of withdrawing incense sticks and pour out all the ashes. The correct operation is to use the scoop of ash inside the incense stick out. Then bring the bowl of clean scent. Wait until the incense stick is dry, burn seven sheets of gold around the bowl of incense if it is worshiped god Buddha and three gold coins if it is ancestor worship.

The feng shui note when cleaning the altar of Tet - Beautiful House Number (2)

Things to avoid

The breakdown of any item of worship is the great thing. While cleaning the altar you should be careful.

Avoid the incense stick being moved during the process of cleaning the altar. Because it is the place of the deity, the ancestors.

End of the year is the time of the bowl full of incense. Need to get to the place to install new incense. However, when leaving the foot fragrant you should leave 5 foot incense in the old bowl. The remaining scent should be burned before leaving completely.

The feng shui notes when cleaning the altar - New Year's Day (3)

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