[Feng Shui] worship room is still located on the first floor if the landlord know how to arrange reasonable

Many people worry about placing the altar on the first floor for more convenience in traveling but hesitate for fear of feng shui room worship.


Feng Shui worship rooms have a lot of things that homeowners have to pay attention to can cause a lot of trouble as well as drag the risky home if not followed properly. And one of the things related to feng shui worship is that many homeowners are interested in booking a room on the first floor to travel each time incense.

According to the custom of thousands of years, the altar room must be placed on the top floor to avoid temptations of feng shui worship room as to avoid outsiders see the tile of the ancestors as well as avoid the booking room on the floor in the crowd through the back, …

But for many families of three generations living in multi-storey houses, the layout of the altar, the Buddha is the headache. Because there are older parents, no one to climb up a few dozen steps to the top floor every time to burn incense ceremony.

The problem with the dilemma of having to abstain from feng shui worship room when booking a room on the first floor to parents of grandparents who are old and weak to work hard?

According to feng shui worship room, the owner can completely place worship space on the first floor for many floors if the layout of this place is suitable.


If you know the proper layout, you will still be able to place the altar on the first floor

Previously, with the traditional three-room or five-room style of the Vietnamese, the middle is always chosen as the place to place the altar, the Buddha. This is also the place where the host guest or eat. This shows that the former worship space of the Vietnamese themselves is not isolated but attached to the daily activities of each family.

With the development of the new age plus an increase in income levels, many people built high-rise houses so that there would be space for the family’s worship area. As a result, the chapel was completely separated from the daily activities of the whole family. The construction of separate places of worship has many advantages that everyone can clearly see such as: space is guaranteed quiet as well as avoiding the outsider see all the offerings or tablets on the altar. The advantages are that not all families can put altars on the top floor of the house because there will be a lot of reasons and one of them is in the family with the father Mother is old.


The first floor room is convenient for parents of older grandparents who can easily walk and burn incense

Obviously depending on the conditions of each family where you can arrange the altar where. The first floor or the highest floor is only the most important place is still the respect of your respect for the ancestors, the Buddha. Still, families living in multi-storey homes are worried about older parents struggling to walk and burn incense. At that time, parents and grandparents to climb the stairs hard that young people in the house also travel to burn incense for the space not worshiped cold.

However, feng shui worship rooms have a few points to pay attention when homeowners arranged space worship of the first floor:

– The church is not located next to or below the kitchen or toilet. If the upper part of the room is a bedroom, the homeowner must ensure that the bed and the altar are in a different position because of the altar room where the altar is placed under the bed.

– The church should have windows open to the yard or the open air to airy space, smoke does not clutter.

– In the worship room should have windows for ventilation and smoke is not clustered but the altar should be placed in a place away from the window a distance so that the outside wind does not move the incense bowl is to set the table worship in the wind.

-Avoid putting the altar opposite the door because there may be a gentle wind to make people stand incense ceremony insecurity, distraction while praying.

– The room of the church according to feng shui worship room should be deep tone, designed in a minimalist way, arranged a set of tables and chairs to sit. And it is obvious that homeowners must regularly sweep the space worship so neat, clean.


The altar must always be clean, tidy

It is not necessary to book a room on the top floor if the family has older people because traveling is very difficult. But when placing the altar on the first floor, homeowners should adhere to the taboo to feng shui worship room to bring more luck, fortune to the whole family.

The note in this article of the beautiful Hope has answered your questions about whether to book a room on the first floor or not.

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