[Design altar] how to set up and arrange the altar in the feng shui house

“There is no healing” is the mouth of the Vietnamese. Not only in the major events such as husband wife, building house but even the establishment and arrangement of the altar Buddha must also feng shui to bring luck, fortune.

For the Buddhists, the worship space with the altar of the Buddha is the most sacred place in the house, the strong spiritual support. The design of the altar Buddha also has certain rules about feng shui that homeowners need to note.

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Conditions to set the altar Buddha

Setting the altar of the Buddha in the house is a job brought home many family business, but according to the custom of the Vietnamese themselves thousands of years, the altar decoration Buddha is not a simple task that requires the following conditions:

– The first condition is that the host must be sincere, a devotion to the teachings of Buddhism. When self-identified as a Buddhist, it is necessary to fast on the first two days of the first and the fifteenth month, not killed because it is a Buddhist teaching.

The second condition that homeowners need to remember when laying the altar of the Buddha is not worshiped chicken, animal meat as mentioned above, Buddhist teachings advocate sentient beings are not killed whether is the smallest animal.

Orientation to set the altar Buddha

-The best temple of the Buddha is to turn to the main gate of the house or turn the altar of the Buddha in a bad direction compared to the family’s destiny to neutralize the sport.

-The Buddha’s altar must be placed higher than the altar altar if it does not violate. According to the interpretation in Feng Shui, the Buddha was enlightened as the Brahmanic, so he was in a higher position than the sentient beings.

Worship the Buddha

As well as how to decorate the altar to decorate the goddess of fortune, fortune into the preparation of the Buddhist ceremony is also necessary to comply with the following provisions:

– Vegetarian Festival: vegetarian feast on Buddhist altar includes incense, fresh fruits, fruits, tea sticky. You absolutely do not worship the Buddha on the altar as a tricycle (goats, goats, pigs) or chicken, spring rolls, spring rolls. Also, it is not recommended to buy coins or gold coins to worship on the altar of the Buddha.

– Fasting, fasting, doing good before the incense offering ceremony.

– When offering flowers, Buddha should choose lotus, lily, single form, not wild flowers.

Incense offering Buddha

According to the Buddhist teachings, odd numbers have sacred meaning, so when they burn incense, the Vietnamese often light the numbers as 1, 3, 5, 7, 9. Especially the number 3 with many meanings: The Three Realms, The Three Realms, Tam Tam (The Past, Present, The Future), The Three Realms (Gender, Dhamma, Tue). Fragrance is very popular.

The concept of impermanence in Buddhist doctrine is clearly expressed in incense. Nothing is permanent, everything is temporary. Composition of fire burns and shorts symbolize life short. Ashes mean time flies like a “ball through the window” so we cherish every moment not let it pass wasted.

Fruits, tea, fruit, food (food) are six offerings according to Buddhist rituals. You should not justify the excess of banquet or missing on the altar of the Buddha. Because the aroma, bright lights, fresh flowers, fresh fruit, water in the new meaning is the meaning of the altar altar Buddha.

Statue of the Buddha

There are immutable rules for worshiping the Buddha at home with the desire for spiritual protection.

– Put the Buddha statue in a quiet, airy, net man is not placed in the bedroom because it will lose the solemn majesty of the Buddha. If your home is spacious, you should build a separate chapel with other functional areas.

– A Buddha statue is not enough to buy too many Buddha statues home. Worship Buddha only need a statue or Buddha image and the intention is.

– Do not sit up or curl up or down the Buddha image.

– Bathing Buddha statues on the full moon with fragrant water when the old statue should be cleaned and painted. When the statue needs to be replaced by other pho, instead of moving to the temple clear defilement should not throw away the Buddha statue arbitrarily.

– Not to place Buddha statues in damp places, not clean.

-The best statue is on a red paper plate.

To set up and arrange the altar in the feng shui house to bring more luck, fortune for the owner. Hope the synthesis of the beautiful House has helped you a lot in making and arranging the altar of the Buddha for your family room feng shui.


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