Choosing the size of the church cabinets by Lo Ban ruler

The spiritual world for the Vietnamese is a sacred place, a strong spiritual support in everyday life. When happy or sad, when healthy or in sick or in front of the big turning point, Vietnamese people are begging ancestors and gods to help in the hope of protection of health, good luck . That is why worship space is extremely important in every home.

In the space of worship of modern families, the presence of wood cabinets with good wood, no sagging, durable color and carved elaborate carvings are increasingly overwhelming. With any large or narrow shrine area can still handle a sample cabinet worship to worship ancestors or gods.

According to folklore origin from the great Chinese nation, even the cabinets also need to consider carefully measuring the size of the feng shui to bring peace, prosperity and prosperity. Benefit the owner in all things. Therefore, the hole was born as a tool to determine not only the size of the church but also many other furniture in the house to ensure feng shui for homeowners.

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Cathedral cabinet size  other than the altar wall in that the selection height cabinets church is an extremely important and often played under the hole size boards have generally uniform height 127cm. This is the height just enough to keep the worship space and also convenient in the process of using as the presentation of incense, incense, cleaning and cleaning the church.

church cabinet size

For the different altar horizons, suitable for each different house space:

  • 107 cm wide: with this  size cabinets  are suitable for small area apartments. The depth should be 48 cm or a maximum of 61 cm. Should not be deeper because the view will be unbalanced.
  • 127 cm, 133 cm: These are compact altars with a choice of 61 cm or 67 cm.
  • Horizontal 148 cm, 153 cm, 167 cm: this size is suitable for medium size worship space. The depth for this size can be chosen: 61cm, 67cm, 69cm.
  • Horizontal 175cm, 193cm: for larger worship spaces. Depth should be 81cm, 87cm, 88cm, 89cm

Above are a few sizes cabinet church standards Lu Ban popular and matching spatial Vietnamese house. You should consult the selection to have a sample of altar to use when you use, the owner is completely assured and like the most. The peace, peace of mind and respect when using products in spiritual space will bring each family a peaceful, warm and happy life full.

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